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New MagicBand 2.0 coming to Walt Disney World

New MagicBand 2.0 coming to Walt Disney World

At Destination D a new, removable, puck design was introduced for Walt Disney World’s MagicBand users.  The new MagicBand 2.0 will feature a puck that can be taken out of the MagicBand and installed in other accessories.  I’ve answered some popular questions in this post.

Accessories that will be interchangeable will include  things like lanyards, keychains and backpack clips and I’m sure many other items.  The header image was provided by EartoEarMagic.com on their Facebook account.  Here’s another couple of photos that were provided by EartoEarMagic.com’s Facebook account.  After reading this full article, go give them a like, they are good people.

The new bands will be a great deal larger than the current version of MagicBand, but the ability to accessorize is something fans will likely enjoy.  I’m especially fond of not having it bound to my wrist any longer.  I never wear a watch and dislike wearing the band in the park, so I’ll likely attach mine to a carabiner.

Will the current version of MagicBands still work?

Yes, the technology they use in MagicBands will not change, so any current bands or RFID enabled tickets you currently own will still work once this is rolled out.

When should I expect these new MagicBands to appear?

Disney has said that those who renew or order Annual Passes beginning in December will receive the new MagicBand.  Guests who are staying onsite in Walt Disney World resorts will begin receiving them in their mailer packages in January.

Will Disney still offer customized versions of MagicBand 2.0?

Yes, you should expect that the new band will still be available to add the wide variety of designs that are available in the theme parks.

How long with the battery last?

No one knows for certain, but I’ve been wearing the exact same MagicBand since 2013 and it still works just fine.  I’d expect that the new ones should last at least that long.

Will the puck fall out easily?

No, it is secured into the MagicBand with a securing ring and two small screws.  Disney will ship the new MagicBand with a tiny screwdriver to allow you to remove the screws.  I expect a ton of screws to get lost pretty quickly though :)

Could the MagicBand 2.0 puck be seen as a choking hazard for young children?

Legally, I couldn’t guarantee that one way or another, but I’d encourage you to make sure the puck remains screwed into an object that a child could not swallow.

What do you think about MagicBand 2.0?  Any questions I didn’t answer already?


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  1. We are going in March 2017. These new ones look to big for me and my child to wear. We loved wearing them last trip. Any suggestions? I guess I could order the old kind before they go away, but would have to pay for them. Or maybe use ours from our last trip in 2015?

  2. Other sources reporting on the new bands say that they will NOT ship with screwdrivers; however, if you purchase an accessory such as a keychain or lanyard, those accessories will include the screwdriver needed to move the icon from your Magic Band 2.

  3. Going down for Marathon weekend. Supposed to have our magic band order in by December 5. Do you think our bands will be the new style. I sure hope so!

  4. OH This is sooo exciting! We are going back for our second trip. We went for the first time in 2015. Second week in January so we will let you know if our bands come new like this!

  5. Do you think they will still offer special limited edition pucks similar to the Star Wars Weekends Magic Bands that light up in a special way at the touch points? I don’t think the puck will be able to know if it is in a special band or not.

  6. Do these new ones ( or the old ones for that matter) have any metal on the back. I have a sevear metal allergy. Thank you. I enjoy all your posts

    • Current ones are encased in plastic. I’d think the new cover for the puck will have plastic over the metal as well. With that said, there are 2 little screws that recess into the band. Might want to consider one of the accessories to make sure you dont have a problem?

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