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Likely dates for Walt Disney World Christmas parade taping

Disney World Christmas Parade taping dates

Each year Disney World and Disneyland film their portions of the annual Christmas Day parade in advance in the parks and resorts.  Here’s the likely dates for the parade taping for 2016.

Disney World has changed the daytime parade times from 3pm to 5pm on November 10 through 12, 2016, so it’s highly likely that the annual Christmas Parade taping will take place during those dates at Walt Disney World.

It will cause the Magic Kingdom to adjust how people enter and exit the park in the morning and early afternoon.  They tend to stack Main Street with festively adorned guests with bright smiles for the parade taping, which is done in segments and each segment is repeated a number of times.

Guests are then guided through the parade gate next to the Chapeau and you’ll enter the park between the Plaza Restaurant and Tomorrowland.

You should also expect this taping to affect the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire show and other Main Street shows.  Times are typically rearranged during this time of the year.  Several acts are filmed performing at Cinderella Castle.  No word on who will perform at this time.

Typically, visiting the Magic Kingdom in the morning is a great time for rides and character meets (but their schedules get scrambled as well) and the afternoon tends to be a little busier.


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  1. Kenny, other websites are saying disney just announced that the filming won’t take place @ disney world this year, only at disneyland. They will be filming other shows/acts through out all 4 parks on the 9th-13th. Is it true?????

  2. Thank you for posting this. These dates are the exact dates we will be at MK for our first trip ever. I’m stressed as it is planning this trip and now with the earlier openings we have lost our PPO breakfasts. And the 5 pm FoF is messing up our dinners. I really hope the taping doesn’t impact things even further. When do the dates become “official?” Are the dates ever truly announced?

  3. Just a general question, not have anything to do with the Christmas parade. But, with Disney eliminating characters, are those cast members relocated to other jobs in the park? I was just curious. Thanks for all your posting.

  4. :( We will be at MK on Nov 12th. Should I try and reschedule? Will there still be a Festival of Fantasy parade??? Will there still be a welcome show @rope drop???

  5. We plan to be there two of the dates mentioned. This is my family’s first trip. How concerned should I be that our plans will be majorly affected?

  6. Hi Kenny! our family plans on being there in mk on november 10. do you recommend we switch to another park?! Or is it fun and exciting to watch all the action?

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