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A small amount of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party info

2016 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party update

I have a couple of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party details for you in this short post.

  1.  It appears that the Toy Story Dance Party will return to Frontierland.  It is supposed to be offered at the Diamond Horseshoe throughout the party and has offered Woody, Jessie and Bullseye when it occurred in previous years.  The Monsters Inc Dance Party will return in Tomorrowland as well.
  2. The extremely popular Hocus Pocus Villains Spelltacular will be reduced from 4 shows nightly to only 3 shows until September 16.  I’ve already updated the schedule on Character Locator.  Expect each show to be very packed around the Castle, but the final midnight show should ebb just a tad.  I was told the show may be a couple minutes shorter than last year, but haven’t confirmed that.
  3. The party exclusive Happy Hallowishes has been moved back from 10pm to 10:15pm for each party.

I’m not expecting any big changes to the character lineup, but we could still see one or two removed again as it seems to happen yearly.


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  1. Kenny is it the same old characters that are meetable this years party or anything new for a change? I go to these events specifically for a new characters you know me.

  2. Kenny, any chance you could take to address crowd etiquette and line etiquette for special events would be appreciated. Every year the “I’m more entitled that you” mentality sucks just a bit more magic away. For example, a group of 12 placing one or two in a high-popularity character line (the Dwarves, Jack & Sally) and the rest of the group shows up just at the end, pushing back everyone else’s wait for the interaction. Honesty I don’t know how major rage incidents have been avoided. Or, blocking parade views and staking out territory in prime spots. We are all there for the same love of Disney and it really stinks when that gets ruined by the inconsideration of others. Thanks for all you do–it’s incredible how much information you just give away! Truly a Wizard of Pixie Dust.

  3. We took our (then) 6 and 3 year olds last year and loved it! We went to the hotel room mid-afternoon to rest and then went back around 5:30 for the party. No one rested at the hotel so we didn’t get naps in. Our youngest fell asleep going in and we let him sleep until the first Boo to You parade. We wound up staying mostly in Adventureland. I would say this is the BIGGEST drawback to taking little ones. We didn’t get a ton accomplished. We saw Aladdin & Abu, Tarzan, Turk, & Jane, and watched a parade and the Hocus Pocus show. We did a few rides, but not many, and we trick or treated. Once there’s a map and you know when and where characters meet, prioritize your time around those. I think you could definitely do the second parade and then head out. We had more energy because it was so fun! We lasted until around 11.

  4. The last time I went to MNSSHP 5 years ago, after the stage show the Villains came out around the stage for meet and greet. Does this still happen?

  5. Question! Is this only for the special ticket event? And is that the only way I’ll be able to see/meet any of the Villans??

  6. I’m really struggling with trying to plan for the party. It’s our first trip, the kids will be 8 and 5.5. Not sure they’ll last for the 2nd parade and how to organize ourselves with a game plan. We definitely have to meet Cruella and maybe Queen of Hearts and thought this would be a good time to meet the Pooh and friends. I’ve been waiting for more details (ok maybe stalling) to try to sort out a game plan.

  7. So nothing new Kenny and just the same characters so i guess not worth going to if u already did the Halloween Party.Shame because there is so much they can do with Halloween and so many more characters disney is hiding.

  8. Hi, Kenny! Thanks for all of your updates! Have you heard this?Is it true?Jack and Sally will be in the Liberty Square Gazebo, Dwarves are moving to a covered area in Storybook Circus, The Candy Unit in Boo-to-You Parade will be all Wreck-It Ralph themed including a new ground unit and Goofy will be joining the opening ground unit with someone else driving the candy machine

    • Hadn’t heard that. The Goofy rumor was around last year, but didn’t happen but Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope are featured in that part.

  9. For the charactets for the Halloween season, why dont Disney put around the parks the villians at the Mickeys Halloween party. If we have to pay extra for the night, give us characters we do not see all the time.

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