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Rumor – Changes coming to Hollywood Studios character lineup

Rumored Character changes coming to Hollywood Studios

We’ve enjoyed seeing some different characters around Hollywood Studios the last couple of months.  I’ve visited with Bolt, Max, Lilo and Stitch and Pinocchio even popped in for a surprise visit recently when Daisy needed some extra pond time.  Well, here’s a rumor concerning Hollywood Studios meets.

According to Cast Members changes will be occurring Sunday, July 17, 2016.  From what I was told Bolt, Max, Lilo and Stitch will cease offering regular meet and greets at Hollywood Studios.

Additionally, changes are occurring with Daisy, Donald and Goofy.  Daisy is said to be switching to her pink dress that she wears in Epcot.  Donald will switch to his classic Blue Sailor suit.  Each of these ducks will then move to the front of the park near Sid Cahuenga’s on the left as you enter.  For those of you hoping for a Sailor Donald meet, this is your chance!

Goofy will switch to his classic cartoon orange shirt, blue pants and green hat like he wears in Epcot Character Spot.  He will begin meeting along Commissary Lane near ABC Commissary.

The changes are being attributed to the Star Wars – Far, Far Away show needing the space that the characters used backstage at the Great Movie Ride.  There’s no word on how long this arrangement will last.

What do you think about the rumored changes?

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      • I Hope i can try to find Characterpalooza during my two trips to Hollywood Studios during my trip. I’m going in two weeks! I Have to tell family about it. But sorry for being off-topic but i was sad with the news about the changes and why they could have newer characters for M&Gs, maybe they aren’t as popular as like Donald or Goofy(or anyone else who’s common in all parks).

  1. Kenny, now that I think of it chip and dale might rotate with goofy AND MAX so it is even. After all it is a rumor

  2. It seems Disney tends to offer specials for us to go to WDW in September-November because they are slower but they then take away many of the things they are advertising while people plan and decide to go to WDW. We had this happen to us last year, when we were estatic to meet Baymax and Hiro at HS. They took them away right before we got there. Same with the Incredibles. When I was a kid characters were roaming everywhere at WDW, and it was awesome. We didn’t run around wasting time finding when the characters had meet and greet times and locations. We have been coming to WDW for years with my own kids ages 8-21 and we still have never seen Oswald the rabbit, which I understand appears in Cali Disneyland only. If they have all these characters why not let them walk around as in the old days. Just saying. the magic is fizzing.

    • Characters can still stroll in Disneyland, but WDW is very different. When a character appears onstage, parents shove little junior in front of them for photos and autographs and push and shove if there is no orderly line. As to why they keep removing characters at parks like DHS, I don’t really know.

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 1,000,000 times more. I can’t believe this. Figures because we are going a few days later, so excited to meet the 3 i had never met before. So, I might as well just ask to get this clear. Does Goofy meet near Chip n Dale, and does Donald and Daisy meet together AT LEAST!

  4. So disappointed in these changes as we were wanting to meet Lilo, Stitch, Bolt & Max during our October trip. Looking forward though to hopefully seeing Donald in his sailor outfit. Does this mean Daisy will get a new outfit in Epcot or would she wear the same outfit in both parks?

  5. Nooooooo. Bolt wasn’t there when I went in June. (according to the CM’s he was “on vacation with Penny” that weekend).

    Was hoping he’d still be there our next trip……

  6. Another unhappy person regarding these changes. We will be there on July 25th and were looking forward to seeing Max and Bolt for the first time and Lilo and Stitch outside of breakfast at the Poly. I guess I need to go revise my touring plans now since I will not need the time allocated to these characters. So sad

  7. That’s really sad. Was hoping at least some of those characters would still be meeting in the fall. Seems like visiting during the Fall for Halloween is becoming less and less magical.

  8. Not happy about Lilo and Stitch or Bolt…we will be there on the 30th and were looking forward to seeing them especially my younger daughter was looking forward to Bolt

  9. That’s just a sadrumor, i prefer having the rumor of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil(which its second season started on Monday)starting and not removing Bolt, Max, and Lilo & Stitch instead a few weeks before my family goes to Disney. I prefer seeing these characters randomly appearing on Echo Lake instead just tell the cast member please that my family is going in a few weeks and i really wanted to meet some of these characters that i was excited to meet before you gave me the very bad news to me :'( But on the other hand at least Sofia isn’t going away anytime soon :’)

What do you think?

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