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2017 Disney Dining Plan, Quick Service Dining Plan and Deluxe Disney Dining Plan details


Details have been officially released by Disney on the 2017 Walt Disney World Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Dining Plan and Deluxe Dining Plans.  Many things have remained the same, but a couple of key changes occurred that I’ll detail in this post.

What will a Quick Service Meal consist of for 2017?

In 2016 the regular Disney Dining Plan called for the following as a Quick Service Meal:

  • 1 Entree
  • 1 non-alcoholic drink
  • 1 Dessert

There was no flexibility in the dessert option and many guests found that the amount of food was a bit of overload in a single meal.  Guests asked if Disney could make some adjustments, so the 2017 Quick Service Meal will consist of:

  • 1 Entree
  • 1 non-alcoholic drink

But doesn’t that mean I’m losing something?  No, because Disney is adding a second snack to the Disney Dining Plan.  For 2017 you’ll receive (1) Quick Service Meal, (1) Table Service Meal and (2) Snacks that can be used anytime.  If you wish to use the snack as a dessert during your Quick Service Meal, you are more than welcome to do so, or you can save it for something later at any location that provides a DDP snack.

Here’s what you’ll receive with each plan per night of stay(not based on days on your ticket) at a Walt Disney World resort:

2017 Quick Service Dining Plan

  • (2) Counter Service Meals – Entree and non-alcoholic drink
  • (2) Snacks
  • (1) Refillable resort mug per person

Note:  This is essentially a loss of one dessert or snack as the 2016 version is Two meals with dessert and One snack, so that’s 3 dessert options.  2017 will only allow 2 dessert / snack options!

2017 Disney Dining Plan

  • (1) Counter Service Meal – Entree and non-alcoholic drink
  • (1) Table Service Meal – Entree, Dessert and non-alcoholic drink or full buffet meal
  • (2) Snacks
  • (1) Refillable resort mug per person

Note:  A regular Disney Dining Plan Table Service meal consists of Entree, Dessert and non-alcoholic drink.  There is no change from 2016

2017 Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

  • (3) Meals of your choice – Counter Service or Table Service (better value with Table Service
  • (2) Snacks per day
  • (1) Refillable resort mug per person

When using the Deluxe Dining Plan your Table Service meal will consist of:

Appetizer • Entrée • Dessert • Non-Alcoholic Beverage – or – • One (1) Full Buffet** or Family-Style Meal

Information on Gratuities for Table Service Meals, Dinner Shows and In-Room Dining

  • Gratuities are not included except at Dinner Shows, Private In-Room Dining and Cinderella’s Royal Table.
  • An additional form of payment is needed if you add gratuity and have not provided a credit card at check-in to charge incidentals and other expenses to your room.
  • An 18% gratuity will automatically be added to your bill for parties of six or more.
  • An automatic gratuity charge may also be added to your bill for certain items you order that are not included in the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan (e.g., alcoholic beverages).

Quick Service Meal Note:

Quick Service Meals aren’t separated by child or adult meals, just a total number pooled by the group.

Rapid Refill Resort Mug Note:

Your Rapid Refill Resort Mug may be used frequently at your home resort or any Walt Disney World resort, but cannot be used for free refills in the theme parks, water parks or Disney Springs.  The water parks do sell a refillable mug for use in the water parks only.  The theme parks do NOT sell a refillable mug.  However, if you purchase a drink at the Electric Umbrella in Epcot, Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom or  Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios, you receive free refills on your drink!

Snacks that are NOT included on your Dining Plans:

Certain items are not included in any Disney dining plan such as:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Items that are more than a single serving (such as a box of doughnuts or a jar of peanut butter)
  • Items (such as popcorn or drinks) that are served in a souvenir container
  • Items sold from recreational rental counters
  • Items considered to be merchandise (such as bottle toppers, glow cubes and bottle straps)
  • Special dining events offered at certain Table-Service locations

How to use your Dining Plan

Guests ages 3–9 must order from a children’s menu where available.

1. Present your valid Disney Resort ID (either a MagicBand or card) to the server or cashier
2. Specify the number of meals or snacks being redeemed
3. That’s it! Enjoy! When dining with another party who is also using their MagicBand or card to redeem their meals, please notify the server which meals should be redeemed on each valid Disney Resort ID.

How many credits does it cost for Character Meals?

All Character Meals are 1 Table Service dining credit except for Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue which are 2 credits!

Additional additions and changes to restaurants often occur as 2017 draws closer!

(All the following images are copyright Disney, used for informational purposes only)

2017 Disney Dining Plan-3 2017 Disney Dining Plan-4 2017 Disney Dining Plan-5 2017 Disney Dining Plan-6

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  1. Can you get category 1 seating at Mickey’s BBQ using the DDP? Seeing different websites that say yes, but not listed on official site?

    • Supposed to be category 2. I’ll state that rumors that category 2 can’t get photos with characters are false as well.

  2. Making ADR’S for January 2017 trip in July. Noticed a number of restaurants are not listed. Do we try to reserve hoping they sign dftheir 2017 contract for dining plan?

  3. If I’m on the QSDP, could I exchange my drink for a dessert instead? I’ve heard you could do it in the past, but is that still possible?

  4. Please remember the note above that for extra charges, an additional form of payment is required, unless a credit card is given AT CHECK -IN (either online check-in or at the Front Desk). Having a credit card in My Disney Experience is NOT the same. I often hear people make this mistake.

    • yes, and even when you do it for online check in, you may have to confirm it when you arrive. Our card was not connected to our bands, even after I entered it and selected a pin for usage. We ended up just using our card for purchases and tips because we kept forgetting to go get it straightened out. We were having too much fun!

  5. We are renting DVC point for a trip in January. If the dining plan is likely to increase $ on Tues, if we buy it tomorrow, can we still get 2016 pricing but the 2017 changes (2 snacks)?

  6. I wonder how this affect kids’ QS meals that have entree/drink/side item… my kids were jealous of the desserts everyone else received and since they never actually ‘got’ dessert, will the kids meals stay the same AND add second snack credit for them, too?

  7. We don’t like this change. If you count the desert as a snack in 2016 you got 3 snacks a day now in 2017 we will only be getting 2 snacks.

  8. I was told deluxe did not make a distinction between child and adult and therefore kids could order off adult menus- true?

  9. In 2016 we were able to trade our drink at a QS for a snack credit at that meal. Is this still the case? Can I still trade a QS meal for 3 snacks?

  10. Never really liked the desserts in most qs restaurants anyway but I liked the option to trade it out for a side salad or a bottle of water.

  11. I’ve been waiting on this info. Thanks so much! Will you send out an update when pricing hits? BTW, I’m fairly new to your blog but love it so much already!

    • Yes, I’ll create a post and I’ll begin offering a daily chart for each resort. Thanks Kimberly! Tons of info in the menu above.

    • No, I don’t see where I mentioned that tips are included. “Gratuities are not included except at Dinner Shows, Private In-Room Dining and Cinderella’s Royal Table.”

  12. So if I just have the quick service meal plan and there are two adults and one child the child doesn’t have to get a kid’s meal?

    • If you are traveling in December, you get the 2016 plan. If you are traveling in 2017, you get the 2017 plan. Not based on when you reserve, but when you travel.

      • What if you are traveling over December and January? Does it change January 1 or do we stay on the 2016 plan?

      • Should receive 2016 plan for length of stay, but you can check with your hotel concierge while you are there to confirm.

      • Should receive 2016 plan for length of stay, but you can check with your hotel concierge while you are there to confirm.

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