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New Dining Package offered at Magic Kingdom

Disney World Free Dining Offer and How Many Guests Beat You to the Punch

Reservations will open tomorrow morning for a new Dining package to be offered at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

Chocolate Cake From Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Park
Image Disney

If you’re itching for a reserved spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom, you’re desires are being met.  Tony’s Town Square Restaurant will now offer an Italian inspired lunch with a reserved viewing area for the Main Street Electrical Parade.  The viewing area will be in the flagpole area of Town Square as you enter the park.

This new dining package will include an appetizer, entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage.   The cost is $45.00 for adults and $17 for children 3-9 or you can use one Table Service on the Disney Dining Plans.

If you order the right combination, you will get a decent value from this offering.  Tony’s isn’t one of my favorite restaurants, but I have enjoyed the Chicken Parm and my son likes the Spaghetti with Sweet Sausage.

If you plan to watch the parade without using this package, arrive 30 minutes early for the 1st parade along Main Street or 10 to 15 minutes early for the 2nd parade.

Reservations open tomorrow, and can be made by visiting DisneyWorld.com/dine or calling 407-WDW-Dine.


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  1. We made reservations for this package on December 7th, but now DIsney’s announce that the Main Street Electrical Parade will be discontinued before then. I called Disney Dining Reservations, and they said that Tony’s staff is contacting people who have made reservations on this package to offer them other options, but there is apparently a huge backlog of people they have to call. Has anyone else heard from them? If so, what are they offering?

    • That is interesting. I have one for late Nov and haven’t heard anything yet. I didn’t cancel it in case they replace it with something else. I’d be interested to know what they are offering as well.

  2. Hi Kenny, I am trying to decide whether or not to do this package for a Saturday in December (non party day) with a 2 year old. If I don’t do the package, how early should I wait? I’m guessing somewhere in Frontierland would be the least amount of wait?

  3. Kenny thanks for the info grabbed a reservation! So I read all the posts and was trying to figure out since it was the 1st electrical parade if they will ask us to leave before the fireworks that go off about 30 mins later?

  4. Do you know if the choice of entrees are restricted with this package or can you choose any item off the menu

  5. Hi Kenny out of curiosity when you book this package how do you get your voucher for the viewing area? Do they give it to you while you are eating or is it automatically on your magic band when you make the reservation? And does fantasmic dining package work the same way?

  6. I will be there on July 3rd, so I’m thinking I’d have to be there pretty early for Wishes!! Disney website says “Plan to arrive for Main Street, U.S.A. flagpole 15-to-35 minutes prior to show time.” So it sounds like it won’t be reserved for the dining package until after the fireworks are over.

  7. Thank you Kenny. Any idea if they will keep this up through early December? It’s not available now, and was just wondering if that might change?

  8. I have to wonder if the same type of thing is going to be offered at the Plaza Restaurant. I’ve been trying to make a dinner ADR there the week of 11/26-12/2. I just keep getting a message that no reservations are available for any dinner hours, and this was at 6 am on my 180-day mark.

  9. Thanks for the info Ken! Do you know if we will be able to use Tables of Wonderland discount on this reservation? May be more worth it then…

  10. I have a 8:30 pm ADR at Tony’s hoping to ask for a porch spot to view the parade. Do you think I should change it to the lunch ADR and get tickets to the flagpole area?

  11. *sigh* They did away with the “free” FP (included in a costly park ticket) to earn an extra $. I hate to be negative when it comes to Disney especially since I grew up on it, but I see the parks going in the direction of pay to enter, plus pay per ride / meet & greet.

    • The only rationale on the “plus” side I can figure is that it does help with crowd control, when you up charge every little thing. Unfortunately, it’s squeezing lots of us into a lower-tier overall experience.

    • That’s how Magic Kingdom was when I went in 1976 or so: you paid admission to get in, and then bought tickets for each ride. The more exciting rides cost more (they were “E tickets,” which cost more than tickets to ride other rides). I remember having to keep buying tickets when we wanted to ride again. Haunted Mansion was an E ticket I vividly remember, which seems funny now.

      • Things considered, we’re probably better off with the “access pass.” Can you imagine? With today’s corporate attitude at Disney, they’d probably keep the admission price the same (maybe lower it by a few bucks) and then charge for each ride in top of that (using the dreaded “surge pricing”).

  12. Very happy to hear about this because we loved our FPs for the parade and was sad that those seem to no longer be an option. The roped off flag pole area is great for the parade!

    • The viewing area is near the flagpole in Town Square which will grant you viewing to both the MSEP and Wishes.

      • I’m wondering about this because I would think that Disney would have advertised this as providing reserved viewing for both Wishes and the parade if that were the case. But you think they’ll allow dining package purchasers into the area in time to view Wishes? That would be awesome!

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