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Change coming to Fastpass+ booking

Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ system

A new. beneficial change is coming to Fastpass+ at the Walt Disney Work World resort.

According to WDW News Today, Fastpass+ booking will move from midnight availability to 7am availability effective tomorrow morning May 18, 2016.

The same basic rules apply with a 60 day booking window for onsite guests and 30 day booking window for Offsite guests and passholders.

I love this change because you’ll no longer need to stay awake until midnight to book those Fastpasses.

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  1. Wow Kenny! I appreciate all the info but i think the article should be…okay folks i have some bad news…lol! I hope Disney sees this and changes it back!

  2. It was probably for the travel agents convenience since they’re booking so many people at once it takes them a long time. For me midnight was much better.

  3. Horrible change. My 60 days opened a few days ago. Won’t be able to book the rest of my trip. I work swing shift :(

  4. My husband called WDW and complained about what happened to us last night and this is what he was told…

    “I was told that it is always been 7 am, and that only yesterday were they informed that they were going to a hard 7 am fast pass time.”

    Has anyone ever heard of this?

  5. Loved midnight. Dining at 6am and fast passes at 7am… that’s a lot of traffic on an already glitchy site! Can’t wait to see what new error messages they’ll come up with!

  6. Did Disney make this information available in advance, and I just missed it? I’m so mad I didn’t find this information earlier, as I stayed up till 4 am trying to book my FP at midnight. I got two hours of sleep before leaving for work. THANKS DISNEY!

  7. Guess I should be happy I live in the Central Time zone and not mountain or pacific. But it was much easier for me to stay up until 11 pm than to get up before 6am. It really cuts into that “getting ready for work” stuff, too. :(

  8. i live in europe, so midnight was better for me because its morning here.
    7 am is 13.00 hour here, and then i am working!!!

  9. It already started. I tried to book last night at midnight (9pm my time) and I had no success for a few hours and then I went to bed. I woke up at 7am Calif time (10am Florida time) and it worked. My 60 days out booking window starts today.

  10. Whatever side you’re on — for or against — it’s unfathomable to me that here we are 90 minutes away, and Disney has not posted about it. I called them earlier (twice in fact). Both times, I got a Cast Member that was dumbfounded and reached out to Internet Support and gave confirmation. If it wasn’t for WDWNT and Kenny, might be quite a heap of people freaking out at midnight with no phone support to explain why.

  11. Not a fan at all! I’d love to know what brought this on and if they collected any feedback from people AT ALL before making the change?? Clearly, based on the comments just on your page–no change was needed!

  12. Dining opening at 6am, fastpasses at 7… That’s a whole lot of traffic on a site that already has enough glitches and error messages! What was wrong with midnight??

    • Not many i guess come from PST? 12am not to bad for East coast but people are getting ready or on the road at that time. Wonder what the logic on this one was.

  13. I’m with the other commenters that don’t like this change. I actually look forward to the late-night session getting all the FP+ reservations lined up before hitting the sack!

  14. ugh I’m with everyone else – my first thought was NOOOOO midnight gives me an advantage -not everyone is willing to stay up that late (or knows to).

  15. Yuck! The mornings are so busy trying to get everyone out the door to school. It’s not very realistic in families with school-age children to squeeze Fastpass+ into the morning routine. I hope they change it back before our next trip.

  16. Poor Ken! You were so excited to share the “good news” and changes and we are all against it! But in reality, if we are all honest, getting up early or staying up late to plan a trip to DISNEY can hardly be considered a burden. Let’s consider ourselves blessed to have such problems! :)

  17. I’m also a teacher & won’t be able to choose until my lunch hr. Why not 6AM like ADRs?!? Leave it to Disney to make it more complicated.

  18. This is an awful change! The early risers already get a head start on ADRs. Now they get one on the FPs too. The only way I’m likely to see 7am is if I stay up all the way to 7. This was one of the last things that actually favored the night owl. :(

  19. Not good for me….looks like my daughter will be eating a pop tart that morning instead of the usual hot breakfast. As long as they have fast passes in place for new attractions, I will deal with it. Getting a little nervous about that..if my window had opened one day earlier I would be home on Memorial Day..

  20. I prefer midnight also and I’m in Florida. I believe it was actually available an hour after park closing, so the time varied. And I don’t think this is any better for those on the west coast. But on a positive note, perhaps this will give them some downtime with the system for maintenance and updates.

    I’m assuming there is no change to the ADR process, just FP+?
    Thank you for keeping up with all the changes and letting us know.

  21. I’m also more a fan of midnight because I’m more likely to stay up late. I’m Central time so 6 am isn’t terrible but West Coasters looking at 4 am – definitely wouldn’t like that!

    • I agree. I’m also Central time and its easier for me to book our FP+ pics at 11pm when everyone else in the house is asleep, instead of 6am when I need to be getting ready for work and my kid up for school. Oh well, I wll adapt but I’d rather have it the old way (midnight).

  22. Yay! We are up at 5 so the morning hours are so much easier. I was trying to figure out who I could beg to make our midnight reservations.

  23. 7am eastern? Good for you on the east, 4 or 5 in the morning for us out west. Midnight was better :)

    • I’m going to Disney on memorial weekend, and clearly have very few questions:
      1. Does Olaf, Kylo, and Chebacca meet during EMH, which order should I meet them in?
      2. I wanna see AK “critters”, not mickey and pals seen them too many times. Does Russel, Dug, and Flik meet during EMH, which order should I meet them in?
      3. Does Anna, Elsa, and Ariel meet when the park opens or at 9:00? Fairytale Hall or Ariel first?
      4. Does Suzy and Perla USUALLY rotate w/ Anastasia and Drizella? If not who do they rotate w/.
      5. Should I meet Tink and Mickey, before or after the electric parade? Thx. LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE your site.

  24. Don’t like it at all. I am a teacher and won’t be able to choose now. Glad my 60 day window opened last week. Make it 5 am.

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