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If you were planning to purchase Disney Vacation Club via resale, you might be in for bad news

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If you were planning to purchase Disney Vacation Club via resale, you might be in for bad news.

Disney Vacation Club has made some big changes that affect those who may be planning to purchase DVC points on the resale market.  “Members who do not purchase an ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development Inc. will not have access to Membership Extras.”  Membership Extras that are no longer available to new resale purchases include discounts on shopping, dining and annual passes as well as any members-only event.

Change is already effective, but does not affect any current member who has previously purchased via resale or any DVC member who purchased directly from Disney.

DVC wants its members to feel that they are receiving premium advantages while paying the premium prices.  DVC previously removed the ability for resale members to use points to reserve Disney Cruises and Adventures by Disney trips as well as Concierge Collection hotels.



Members who paid the full Disney DVC cost will see this as protecting the value of their vacation investment, while those who wish to purchase through resale will likely not like the move.  From a financial perspective, it makes good sense to provide premiums for members who paid more.  If you paid $170 per point vs $75 per point, you’d like to feel you get more benefit as well.  It’s likely that resale contract costs will drop.  If you are merely interested in saving money on the hotel portion of your vacation, you could come out quite well.  You could also merely rent points when you need them as I did for our night at Aulani last year.


  1. Never really understand the perks of DVC. And never really understand why people need to pay big bucks up front and being tied to HAVE a vacay and bound by all the booking windows and stuff. Renting points and buying resale make more sense, but paying premium in order to get the extra dining and shopping discounts? People who wants these perks thru DVC should take a look at the maths itself and how much is saved.

  2. DVC is a real estate transaction. Anyone who considers the perks (which can come and go, or be eliminated on a whim by Disney) into the equation is not thinking straight. The main points of interest are how expensive at the points on the resale market as compared to what DVC is asking, and do the resale contracts have the same rights as a direct contract in terms of booking windows (for now, they do.)

    For now, I see no reason to stop someone (friend or family member) from going the resale route.

  3. How does this affect me since I’ve already paid for DVC directly thru Disney but plan to add on more points by buying resale?

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