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Date set for expanded in-park Fastpass+ usage

Pros and Cons of Disney World 4th Fastpass

On March 1, 2016 I broke the news to you that the Fastpass+ system would soon allow guests to book their 4th (and subsequent FP+ using their mobile device,  instead of in-park kiosks. Well, it appears the date has been set for this rollout.

On Sunday,  April 10, 2016 guests will be able to book the extra Fastpass+ (based on availability) using their own mobile device.  You will use your first 3 FP+, then be allowed to book your next one by using the My Disney Experience app or mobile website.  The process will continue in the same manner for each addition FP+ until there is no availability.

Additionally, guests will no longer be limited by “Experience sets Best Match, A, B, C.”  You’ll be allowed to choose the exact FP+ time you desire for each attraction, rather than agreeing to a set, then spending the time to change  it.

You’ll also be able to remove a single guest from a FP+ reservation and even cancel a single reservation using their mobile app.

What do you think of the changes?


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  1. I think this is great news when visiting MK, where you have a lot more FP+ options and have better availability later in a day. This won’t be very useful at EPCOT or HS, where a 4th FP is more difficult to get anyway.

  2. I would expect that you will have to update your app, in order for the new feature to be available. So, keep an eye out for a update on 4/10 or sooner.
    Yes, after you use your set of 3, or the 3rd has expired, you will be able to make your 4th FP+, in ANY WDW theme park, regardless of your physical location.

  3. I think this will make the inventory for worthwhile 4th FP options even worse. Better make sure to pick the 1st 3 wisely!

  4. Subsequent FP+ can already be for another park, but you must be physically IN the 2nd park to schedule it. Any word on whether the physically present park will change?

  5. I didn’t know that you couldn’t use the mobile app for everything – we went last year and I was able to use the app to make changes to FP+ on the fly. We never ended up trying to get more than 3, but we did have to make adjustments with the kids and certain rides.

  6. Is this for everyone or just those songs suing at Disney resorts? I thought I read only resort guests before but could be remembering incorrectly.

What do you think?

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