Home Disney World Several attractions are ending today

Several attractions are ending today

Maleficent in in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Just a quick reminder that several attractions will see their final offering today, April 2, 2016:

At Magic Kingdom, Dream Along with Mickey will see its final performance today. The show will be replaced in late May with a new Castle stage show that will include Tiana and Rapunzel.

At Hollywood Studios, all of the Backlot is closing at the end of the day today. Mike and Sulley will bid farewell, Lights, Motors, Action will make its final jumps, Honey I shrunk the Kids play area will close along with all of the Streets of America. Sadly, we will never see the Osborne Family Christmas lights at Hollywood Studios again.

Blockades will be erected overnight just past Toy Story Midway Mania, next to the Writer’s Stop and near Mama Melrose to prevent guests from entering the construction zone for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land.


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  1. Since the Streets of America is closed, does that mean no more Singing in the Rain umbrella? What about Characterpalooza?

  2. I may have missed this in one of your articles, but is Streets of America going away too? Our young family loved walking down these streets and trying to take in all the little details. We found a button that would squirt water out of a fire hydrant not too far away. Of course, our favorite photo spot was the Singing in the Rain umbrella. We were lucky enough on our last visit to actually experience the rain coming out of the light post above the umbrella for that great photo.

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