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Could the latest Fastpass+ change lead to increased line jumping?

Will this change in Fastpass+ increase line jumping?

Fastpass+ is a very fluid thing.  It changes very frequently, like the recent news I presented on booking a 4th FP+ in park with your mobile device.  Will this latest change be a benefit or a disaster?

Disney’s Fastpass system has always required 2 points of contact with a Cast Member.  First CM is there to verify that you have a valid FP and the second CM was there to collect the Fastpass ticket.  With the advent of Fastpass+, the system remained the same, but more and more 2nd touchpoints were becoming inactive.  Now, Disney World is looking at only using the first touchpoint and covering the second one.  We noticed a great deal over this weekend.

Without the second touchpoint, a person could easily just line jump over to the Fastpass+ line with no Cast Member noticing and walk right on to the attraction without using a Fastpass.  Fastpass+ would work fine without the second touchpoint on rides that have walls separating the queues, but ones that have only ropes, like Kilimanjaro Safaris, would really need to keep 2 touch points active.  However, I’ve ridden Safaris many times over the last several months and only found the first touch point active.  Seems like an attempt to save on budget.

What do you think?  Should they keep 2 touchpoints at attractions separated by ropes or is it not really a big deal?  Share with your friends and see what they say too.


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  1. I’m all for keeping the 2nd touchpoint. If you use the final, then you don’t need the first. I could see a difficulty when someone gets that far without having a fast pass. In that case, I’d say make them exit and start over.

  2. Even with 2 cast members the “non” english speaking guests try to line jump. So I say keep them. Gosh those kids annoy me.

  3. Like everyone else, I think this is a bad idea. I’d encourage people to email guest services if you see people line jumping as a result of this policy. Perhaps they will take notice.

    It may be a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but watching other people break the rules and get away with it really, really irritates me. and being irritated isn’t why I’m on vacation.

  4. They should definitely keep them! Disney created this system & people are forced to choose 3 main attractions each day. Either run the system as designed or get rid of it! A halfway working system will just make it worse. And unfortunately the honor system does not work – even at Disney! People will jump lines and tempers will flare! If the CM has to stand at 2nd point anyway, I can’t see where it’s saving anything.

  5. I agree with the concensus. If you are going to keep the current FP+ system then you must have 2 CM working the touchpoints to prevent or deter line jumping and customer complaints.

  6. FastPass is the worst thing that has happened to Disney since Eisner left and Brazilian tour groups started coming. It has made the lines unbearably long. It used to be you wait in a line for 10-20min unless it was a thrill ride than you wait 45-60min. Due to fastpass you now see lines 120+ minutes. I’ve seen Anna and Elsa over 200+ minutes. It’s ridiculous. They should just due away with the entire system. They have made it so you can only see 3 things now since you HAVE to use a fastpasses or you will wait in at least 2 hours lines for everything.

      • Exactly! It takes a little planning (which Disney vacations always do) but it has enhanced our vacations!

      • I know the tricks and use them but it vastly takes away from the enjoyment and spontaneity of the experience. In a perfect world everyone would be using the fastpass in the same way and the end result would be wait times the same as they were before fastpass. The problem is you either have to figure it out or be in the know or you are SOL. When I take a vacation i don’t want to have to worry about things I just want to have fun. They added an unnecessary step and complication to the process with FP. It’s just like the Target cartwheel app. Why should I have to now do something extra to get the same experience I used to get without doing that thing. The increased general wait times also bring out the worst in people which they brings down the entire standard of the park. Disney is supposed to be fun not work and since they introduced FP it often feels like work.

  7. If you are gonna eliminate one of them I think it should be the second one. If they cut early on then they will just have to go back and start over in the other line. I have seen that happen at Universal.

  8. Why are they doing away with them? The technology is already installed, it can’t be that expensive to run. Keep 2 on the lines that you can jump. Do away with the second one if you can’t line jump (without serious injury- thinking Soarin’).

  9. I agree the second touch point is needed as well as the first.
    Most recent posts here have been about cuts… cuts in character meet and greets, cuts in attractions, personnel, etc.
    If not cuts, raising entry prices, food prices, and guests’ paying more for less.
    Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? ! Does Disney really not have enough $$$ to cover Cast Member salaries?
    I hate to see WDW become more like Universal Studios.

    • I’ve read a lot of recent cuts at Disneyland are happening “because of Shanghai,” which seems to be the standard response people are getting when they ask CMs questions. Whether this is true, or just an easier answer that people accept and don’t pursue further, I don’t know.

  10. Absolutely 2 points if that is required to keep the integrity of FP. I would not be happy to have stayed up late to get my FP only to have a large group of people who didn’t make the effort for a FP jump the line. If you don’t stop it as it starts it will be out of control quickly as the Internet and Facebook groups spread the word how to cheat the system.

  11. I believe 2 are needed as sadly many people would take advantage of jumping when they could.

    For those attractions where it doesn’t really make a difference (Winnie the Pooh, Soarin and others where the design of the queues naturally deters line jumping) only one might be needed but for others like Test Track, Pirates, Jungle Cruise where the lines run parallel to one another I believe 2 checks should be kept in place.

  12. Keep the second. Since Disney takes a pretty non-confrontational attitude towards guests – it will allow people to get away with it. If I believed they would take action against abusers I’d say OK, but they won’t. 100:1 stories of cast members just giving in to things to avoid escalation compared to taking action.

  13. Absolutely keep the 2nd touchpoint. I have seen the line jumping this past Fall, at the beginning of the FP+ line. Then by the time the claim jumpers got further along, the CM kicked them back out. So it’s my belief that 2 are needed, especially for those grandmothers with quick tempers…..

What do you think?

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