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Will there be a 24 Hour Day at Magic Kingdom for 2016?

Disney announces 24 hour party for 2016

For the last 3 years, the Magic Kingdom has offered one day each year in which the park was open for 24 hours.  It opens from 6am to 6am and often provided special character meets and entertainment after midnight.  2 years ago my daughter and I set a record that likely will not be beaten by accomplishing 100 attractions in a single day.  Will this great event return for 2016?

RUMOR:  According to several sources, it appears that Disney World could be gearing up for another year of the 24 hour celebration for 2016 following the new promotion theme of “Awaken Summer.”  Rumors are pointing toward Friday, May 27, 2016.   And it’s also possible that the new Frozen ride could open officially on this date.  If the 24 hour day does occur, the Extra Magic Hour would be moved to another day, like it did last year.

It’s just a rumor, so don’t go booking airfare until it is officially announced by Disney.  I will create a post for you, if and/or when this becomes reality.  Easiest way to stay up on all the news is to sign up for my email newsletter!

I think it would be awesome to open other parks earlier and/or close them later too.  It would sure spread the crowds a bit more.


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  1. Any update on a 24 hour day, now that the press/travel agent events for “Awaken Summer” are happening?

    Still no MSEP listed for May 27th, but it appears every other day.

    • Has anyone else emailed WDW and asked if they are doing a 24h day in 2016?? I did but I got a “coded” reply. Email them esp now that the after hours haven’t sold out and they are selling half price tickets to AP and DVC members!! Let rhem know we want more 24hr memories at MK.

  2. Any updates? I’m hoping to attend a 24 day this year if they have it! I already have hotel reservations! Come on Disney, announce already!

  3. Do you still fee like this the plan? My family already has reservations for this weekend what do you think our game plan should be to fit in the new AK night time offerings and less important but still something I’d like to see Club Villian

  4. I hope DIsney doesn’t half-ass this one like they did last year.
    The year before that they had so many characters out and before that they had roaming characters at night.

  5. So excited about this and hope it’s true. We attended the prior two and had a blast!!

    Think I ran into you there, I was a little star-struck. :)

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