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Rumor Round Up – Possible opening dates for new characters

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As we begin, let’s remember these are merely rumors, so don’t book a vacation around any possible date that is mentioned! Rumors are for initial information and discussion. Now here’s some rumors that I’ve heard lately.

Please don’t ask me to provide specific dates, as I won’t until it’s confirmed by Disney or available on an actual schedule.

  • Disney Jr Dance Party at Hollywood Studios during Extra Magic Hours has not offered a schedule last week or this week and isn’t on the schedule for next week either according to insiders.  Another loss due to budget cuts?
  • Rumors are pointing to an early April 2016 opening for Joy and Sadness to begin offering meet and greets at Epcot. We’ve been waiting a long time for this meet, so let’s hope it’s true.
  • Olaf from Frozen could begin meeting guests by early to mid-May 2016 in Hollywood Studios.
  • A rumor is being tossed around that Stitch could return to the Magic Kingdom in May, but that would require Marie to be removed.  Rumor has Stitch going to the flag pole, but that makes no thematic sense to me to see an alien picking his nose in front of Cinderella Castle.  On a side note, I miss the days when you used to walk into the Magic Kingdom and find the town square filled with characters greeting.  It really set the stage well.
  • Ezra and Sabine from Star Wars Rebels are still being rumored to come to Hollywood Studios for a meet and greet or special meal experience with only “summer” being bantered about.
  • Also hearing “summer” as a possible time that Zootopia characters Nick and Judy could begin meeting at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  If they are to arrive, it could replace the Baloo and King Louie meet and greet, but that’s just rumor talk at this time.
  • Anna & Elsa are being rumored to be added to the showboat ending of Fantasmic! which could lead to the removal of a couple of characters that might include Mary Poppins and Princess Tiana.
  • Tradnation, a musical act in Epcot’s Canada pavilion could be leaving the park in mid-April.  Maybe Disney World will call up Off Kilter and beg them to return.  Probably not, huh?

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  1. What rumors have you heard about when the Frozen Ever After ride is opening in Epcot? Also, what about the Anna & Elsa meet and greet at Royal Sommerhus in Epcot? Thanks in advance.

  2. How come when a character is cut, that’s a sign of financial woe, but when characters are added, that’s not a sign of anything?

    • A while back. Contract wasn’t renewed and it wasn’t a pretty ending with many Lumberjacks taking to social media to battle against those who didn’t like their show.

  3. I really hope they don’t take away the Disney Jr Dance Party for good. It’s such a great event! Please post an update if it ends up returning to the schedule again!

  4. Nooo. They cant remove MARIE… That is my daughters favorite. We are going in May and have had it booked for months. How can Disney just remove characters and shows like that? The planning right now is driving me crazy. No Dream along with Mickey. Will the Frozen Ever After ride and meet be done in time, who knows. Will the Animal Kingdom night time be available, who knows. I mean does Disney not understand how difficult it is becoming to plan this stuff out if they dont give us details way in advance. These last minute changes are ridiculous.

    • Animal Kingdom Rivers of Light…yes. Do they make last minute changes…always. Do they tell you they are doing it…sometimes.

  5. Bummed about Olaf not coming until May…I previously heard April…but happy if Joy & Sadness really are coming ! That one keeps on changing !

  6. I was so excited when you first reported Joy and Sadness were coming to Epcot. Then I was disappointed when you said it wasn’t happening. Now I am excited again that they might be coming in April after all!! Do you think that Inside Out winning an Oscar pushed them over the edge to add them?

  7. Off Kilter has moved on nicely….new venue…old fans and making new ones….THEY don’t need Disney nearly as much as Disney could use them to make guests happy in Canada

  8. I am disappointed about the potential loss of the Disney Jr. EMH dance party. We love it and specifically pick our Hollywood Studios day based upon it. We are headed down the first week in April and were looking forward to it.

  9. The line about Stitch picking his nose in front of Cinderella Castle almost made me spit out my drink LOL

    It’s sad that they can’t add something without taking something away. Why not split up the character meets, have some meet just in the morning and some in the afternoon. That way you have the option of seeing whoever it is you like. To cut them completely is just sad, especially the more classic characters. I still think there are a lot of people who prefer classics over today’s characters, me being one of them.

  10. So if tiana and Mary poppins are removed from the Fantasmic showboat does that seem likely they will also be removed from characterpalooza? If so would other characters take those places? I feel like Mary poppins and tiana are always out and it would be nice to see some of the other characters they used to bring out again like belle or Jesse. I highly doubt they would add Anna and elsa to a chsracterpalooza line up. That would cause chaos.

  11. Makes sense that Zootopia characters would be added but seems strange to replace Baloo and King Louie, with the new Jungle Book coming out soon. Then again I’m not sure who would get cut instead.

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