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2016 Disney World ticket cost charts

2016 Disny World ticket cost

Walt Disney World has moved to a 1 Day ticket tiered ticket system and increased the cost of multiple day tickets.  I’ve created a couple of charts that explain in detail what the cost is for each ticket.

If I already have a trip booked, will it increase the cost?

No, any guest with a pre-booked trip will receive the package at the quoted price and will not see an increase.

I have unused tickets for Walt Disney World, will I have to pay more to enter the Magic Kingdom?

No, Disney World will honor your ticket with no additional increase in cost.

I have a 1 Day Magic Kingdom ticket which I purchased in 2015 that is unused, can I still use that ticket?

Yes, your 2015 ticket will still be honored any day of the year.

What are the new tiers and when do they apply?

Disney World is offering tiers on 1 Day tickets only and the tiers are Peak, Regular and Value periods.  Value is basically late August and September 2016. Regular is the majority of the year and Peak includes busy holiday periods and summer.  All blockout dates are listed below.

When are these prices effective?

February 28, 2016

Is there a way to purchase legitimate tickets that are less expensive than Disney World’s actual prices?

Yes!  ParkSavers offers the full range of Disney World tickets at a substanstial discount to readers of KennythePirate.com.

2016 Disney World ticket cost-1 Day tiered pricing 2016 Disny World ticket cost Multiple Days

Feel free to ask any question you may have and I’ll find the answer for you and may update the post with the question and answer.


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  1. Thanks Kenny, but I actually meant it would be interesting to see a chart on the last 10 years to see how much they have gone up in price. It’s a lot! I can’t believe a one day ticket is $132 now! That is a HUGE increase! Now people that plan a trip to Universal and think about doing a day at Magic Kingdom probably won’t even bother. I have a friend thinking about doing just that now, but wow, who can justify that price for one day with a family of 4?

      • Thx Kenny! I appreciate everything you do! I used to go to Josh at Easy WDW for info but you recruited me over here! You are awesome! Your information is up to date and accurate and we get new posts all the time AND you answer any questions promptly! Now you’re my ” go to” guy and I will tell all my friends too!

  2. I’m concerned you are misleading some. The tickets never expire if they are park hopper, never expiring, types. If just another day or two left on a magic your way ticket, they will/have expired.

  3. I read that the one day tickets will now expire at the end of the year after purchase(buy 2016, expire end of 2017.) Does this expiration apply to multi-day tickets also?

  4. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. I was wondering what is the new break even point on multiday stays where it would pay to upgrade to an annual pass?

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