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Another endearing character not offering regular meets in the Magic Kingdom

Fairy Godmother removed from Magic Kingdom meet and greets

It seems like almost every day I receive an email or message about yet another cut back in Disney World entertainment and character meet and greets.  Looks like it’s another one of those days.

I received a message that the Fairy Godmother has been removed from regular Magic Kingdom meet and greets.  Lately, there’s been more pop up character meets with Suzy and Perla that matched Fairy Godmother’s schedule, but I was unable to get any decent confirmation on what was going on.  Well, according to the message, it appears that the Fairy Godmother is currently unavailable for regular meet and greets in Disney World.


  1. Leave in a week. I see Fairy God Mother on character locator. So, she’s doing regular meet and greets? I did not see Suzy & Perla on character locator. Are they ever with her (or alone) around the castle?

  2. Good thing we scheduled a character meal at 1900 Park Faire. We have never seen the fairy godmother or the stepsisters. I wish they would let all the characters roam the parks like they did on our honeymoon in 1995. It made the experience so much more magical. There were no fastpass meet and greets. You would never know when you might see a character. I think it would be more fun for my kids. I was shocked when we took our second trip with our kids in 2010. I couldn’t believe there were no characters roaming the parks.

  3. This absolutely devastates me :'( she was one of the characters I really wanted to meet and get a photo with for our trip in 2018. Please don’t let this last long Disney. The whole reason I wanted to go to Disney for my honeymoon with my husband was to experience all the characters :(

  4. How dare u say Kenny The Pirate is Wrong with Character News.Yea it sucks another character cut but deal with it maybe they are setting up for marvel characters to start bringing them around.I know Disney has plenty of character hunters like myself and they should serious just stop going until they have character meet and greets,bring back older ones or something there are hundreds to chooses from instead of raising prices!Sad how Disney Paris is better than Disney World with Characters:(

    • I’m ok with being challenged. Just passing along information I was provided and can be wrong and certainly challenged in an appropriate way.

      • Normally she is located behind the castle. However there is construction going on there. So in the meantime, you will find her everyday in front of New Fantasyland near the carousel. Unless she is busy looking for her wand again. You can always call the Chip Hotline at the park for more accurate location updates.

    • eerrr sorry but ur wrong walt disney world Florida, Orlando has more characters then disneyland paris, there’s hardly any out in Paris!, the fairy godmither & lady tremaine & anastasia & drizella are a blow to the park, they should always be out!, the are very popular characters they all are, it’s very rare u see the princes with the princesses, the 7 dwarfs no longer do meet & greets. The genie of the lamp no longer does meet greets, the wicked queen doesn’t either, next they’ll be taking away gaston, they should put the fairy godmother in with the princssses, & also Suzy & perla, have done meet & greets b4 but not fit a while, neither have Robin hood, maid Marion, sheriff of Nottingham, friar tuck, alan a dale & PINOCCHIO, Geppetto, Gideon & foulfellow, hardly too but I think they should & need to, build sections, & have all the charscters from each classic story together, like for example, cinderella, Prince Charming, Suzy & perla, what about Gus & jaq, the fairy godmother, the king & grandduke, & lady Tremaine, (the wicked stepmother & Anastasia & drizella wicked stepsisters together in another section close by in the same like a villains side, & also where they do think dream a long with Mickey is it?!, a show before that the king & grandduke from cinderella apoeared regularly in the show & did meet & greets. I’m disabled, & was privileged to of met characters u can’t by arranged private meet & greets, I met PINOCCHIO (a disappeared character), backstage at fantasmic, aladdin but (as prince ali ababwa), (with disappeared character again) the genie of the lamp, with Jafar & a brucy bonus !, Abu, Aladdin’s monkey, (princess Jasmine wasn’t there tho!), I also met bk stage of beauty & the beast show!, prince Adam, princess belle & gaston, I also met the beaat at be our guest’s restaurant was allowed to just go in for a meet & Greet, I also met at dream a long with Mickey show, afterwards, maleficent, & prince phillip from sleeping beauty, the prince from Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, & Prince Charming, also met prince Eric, at the little mermaid show, met at bkstage of the Lion king show, met simba, & Timon & the cast of the show!, I met a great big bunch of them in disneys Hollywood studios, where they come out was put to a Side a cordoned off area just for me, to meet them, I met, princess Jasmine, there from Aladdin, queen of hearts, captain hook, Mulan, Minnie mouse, chip & Dale, Pocahontas, alice I think as well, a few others, I had character dinings met, Winnie the pooh, alice, mad hatter, mary poppins at one, Cinderella, belle, Snow White, Ariel, I met a lot

    • disney paris isn’t bettee for meeting characters it’s disney world there’s hardly any out in Paris & they aren’t out all day

      • Fairy Godmother was in the park on Feb. 29 by the small castle wall behind the carousel (where the step sisters are sometimes). She switched off with the mice every half hour or so. She wasn’t listed on the schedule or app, but the nearby cast members shared her schedule when asked. Not sure about what her future is though

  5. Lets think, if we were to replace the Fairy Godmother, we should choose Suzy and Perla. NOOOO!!! That makes no sense, no one would even know who they were if disney did not have them as meet and greet characters. They should be replaced by Jaq and Gus whom people actually know and love them. They tend to be very mischievous.

  6. What is the reason for all the cuts? They have to be making more money that ever. The past few times we’ve been even on “low” days the parks are crowded and with ticket prices going up (and let’s admit it…we’ll still pay the price!) I don’t see where they’re losing. Are these really “cuts” or is it just a “rotation?”

    • Susie and Perla are not replacing Fairy Godmother.
      They are pop ups, which are not guaranteed, that happens to matches up with the now gone Godmother’s schedule.
      So in the end, it’s still saves more money. Now if they’re scheduled characters, it would be more money.

  7. It has been a tradition for the past 15 years that our family gets pictures with the Fairy Godmother. The first trip after we adopted out two children she made such a big deal over the fact tgey were loved and in a happy home. We can see the changes each year in our kids thru the pictures like stepping stones. Now it seems as if the porch those steps are leading to has been torn down. Sad!!!

  8. The FG pictured is THE BEST! I am really concerned at the number of character meet and greets that are being cut. They make Disney Special and fun. I do not want my only chances to see them to be at staged TS meals. Keep them out and about in the parks. So much fun to happen upon something cool and even if you dont want to stand in line, just watch their interactions with others … Stop cutting the fun :(

  9. Oh I love the Fairy Godmother particularly the Fairy Godmother in the picture above. She helped me celebrate my 60th birthday. It was so much fun. I figured it was only a matter of time after she was replaced by Anna and Elsa to light the Castle lights. She is the one character that I would love to meet as herself. Such experiences she must have had in the meet and greets and the parades. She was also in one of the Christmas parades on TV, I was thrilled for her. Kenny, thanks for providing all the information you do even when it’s sad.

  10. No! Such disappointing news! That beautiful, sweet, endearing Fairy Godmother in your picture is my absolute favorite person to see at Disney World. She is so lovely inside and out and has such a big heart. I’m an AP. Every time I am at MK (3 times a year) I look for her to be out. I have probably 30 pictures with her. I go so often she remembers me…LOL
    My birthday is next week and was looking forward to seeing her yet again. I am so saddened by this news. :( I will definately complain at guest services in MK if she is not there next week.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I know that you don’t know for sure, but do you think that Suzy and Perla will take Fairy Godmother’s place? Hey, we never know they might bring some of these characters back in April. Hopefully before July. :)

  12. This has to stop. I would be ok if the got rid of one Cinderella meet and greet to replace with Suzy and Perla but not both! I can’t remember but does the Fairy Godmother meet anywhere else or is just at Magic Kingdom ?

      • Oh no!!! We missed her last time and were looking forward to meeting her on next trip. All these cuts are really sad. We love the character meets as much or more than the rides – it is what makes Disney special! Does she meet anywhere else in WDW and do you think she will join 1900 Park Fare Dinner? Any word if the mice are her replacement? Thanks Kenny for all the updates and the work you do!

      • I’m assuming that Jared means Lady Tremaine and Fairy Godmother. Essentially, those two have been replaced by the mice, the way I see it. It would look better if Disney would have made that more clear, though – two characters being replaced by two (previously less common) characters is a lot easier to swallow than two just randomly leaving.

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