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Could new characters finally be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Zootopia characters could be coming to Walt Disney World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park took the brunt of cuts over the last few years with only a few replacement characters for the losses.  Could some new characters be on the way?

Disney is set to release a new film called “Zootopia” on March 4, 2016 and rumors are pointing to a possible Zootopia meet and greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Nick and Hopps will definitely appear on stage at Disney’s El Capitan theater in Hollywood, California and Judy Hopps will provide a special character breakfast before certain shows.  So, this proves the characters exist already.

Would you be excited if the rumor comes true and Nick and/or Hopps were to appear in Animal Kingdom soon?


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  1. I know we’ve got tarzan, which is a fun meet-he sniffed around my hair and pulled out some bugs last time-but how about adding Jane!

  2. Sure would be nice if they tried to do something to add interest to Animal Kingdom especially with Hollywood Studios undergoing such a major over haul.

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