Home Disney World Peter Pan to “Play test” at the Magic Kingdom soon

Peter Pan to “Play test” at the Magic Kingdom soon

Peter Pan to Play test at the Magic Kingdom soon

Peter Pan to “Play test” at the Magic Kingdom soon
Peter Pan to Play test at the Magic Kingdom soon

From Sunday September 20 though Wednesday September 23, 2015 Peter Pan will take part in a “Play test” at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Only during early morning hours, Peter will be out exploring Fantasyland.  He’ll be on the move, so he will not be signing autographs or posing for photos.

This play test will be of a similar nature to the one that featured Flynn Rider earlier this summer.  Many years ago they offered this type of fun in the park during Extra Magic Hours and my kids got to play games with Peter and Wendy.

He will continue to offer his regularly scheduled meet and greet next to Peter Pan’s Flight from mid-morning through afternoon.  His schedule can always be found on Character Locator.



  1. Cool! Thanks for the update. We will finally be there soon!! My kids love watching the videos on YouTube of Peter Pan running around fantasyland getting into mischief — Alice too for that matter.
    I just wish Wendy would join him. No word on Wendy right?

  2. I really like this idea a lot. Having the characters just play for part of their scheduled times could create some real ‘magic’ moments for some guests. Having a set time and place later in the day gives character ‘collecters’ a chance to get their autographs and photos as well. It could be a real win- win for everyone! Disney has REALLY been messing up lately when it comes to characters, but this could be something they get right.

  3. I don’t know… while I do like the aspect of interaction I still do that when I wait in line. As a single park visitor who adores the characters especially face ones, I feel it will not be in my favor. I think that I would be competing with kids and families for the actors attention. I am not one to be rude or pushy like some families… But of course I will never know unless I see for myself which should be this Wednesday 23.

  4. We saw these types of character interactions at DisneyLand the week we were there. I loved it! Was so much fun to see Peter flying through the hub & just chatting with people. They do need to add little things like that at WDW!

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