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Jedi Training Academy upgrade to involve Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels coming to Jedi Training Academy

At the recent D23 Expo, it was revealed that the Jedi Training Academy would undergo some changes involving the storyline and villain battle but didn’t provide many details.  A Cast Member guide recently distributed gives us a clue.

Star Wars Rebels coming to Jedi Training Academy

The guide is intended to offer “talking points” for Cast Members when guests want to discuss upcoming changes to Walt Disney World like the Hollywood Studios Expansion, Animal Kingdom Avatar and Rivers of Life and Epcot’s Soarin’ change to Soarin’ Around the World.

D23 Disney Cast Member Guide

One tiny detail, that wasn’t previously announced is listed under the Jedi Training Academy changes.  It specifically mentions that the upgrade will involve “new characters from the popular Disney XD series “Star Wars Rebels.”D23 Disney Cast Member Guide 2
What do you think about the possibility of replacing Darth Vader with Star Wars Rebels character(s)?

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  1. My kids love Star Wars Rebels and we would like to see their presence somewhere at Disney World! Darth Vader is in Star Wars Rebels, thus I don’t think he will go anywhere!

  2. I hope they leave Darth!!! When we were at WDW last year our son was too young to do it but he has talked non-stop about doing it when we go in January. Surely they cannot take Darth away! :(

  3. While my boys watch the XD show, it’s not the same. Darth Vader IS the perfect enemy for Jedi Training. I’m glad that my oldest was able to participate this year with the DV storyline!!

  4. My godson was able to attend Jedi Training this past May, and my 3 year old nephew watched him with jealousy and envy, as he was too young. Since watching Nigel battle Darth Vader, me nephew has been practicing with a light saber for the day he will be old enough to get the opportunity to confront Darth Vader. And my nephew watches Star Wars Rebels. Darth Vader is the ultimate iconic bad guy, kids and adults around the world know who he is, regardless if they’ve seen Star Wars. This is actually disappointing news, because it seems like the Academy has been working well (apart from the registration being crazy and some parents forcing their kids to do it, which I think is why registration takes a little longer than it should). Maybe really young kids can opt for a spot with the Rebels characters, who aren’t as scary as a masked, caped, and darkly suited icon.

  5. Vader is ubiquitous. Old and young know him, making for a show anyone can enjoy. Not sure who the Rebels bad guys are but I doubt they are or will ever be as universal as Vader.

  6. My daughter would be insanely disappointed! Is it possible to find out when the change will take place? We’ll be there at the end of September this year, so I’m hoping not too soon. Thank you!

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