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Small details we may have missed about the Star Wars Land announcement for Hollywood Studios and Disneyland

Will Season of the Force be canceled?

Within the announcement of the new Star Wars Land coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland, were some great Easter Eggs.  Here’s a few:

Star Wars Land 2

We were told that we’ll be visiting a “gateway planet located on the outer rim full of characters both familiar and not-so-familiar.”  Won’t it be fun to actually be immersed into the Star Wars environment, instead of just riding a ride?  I believe we have a certain boy wizard down the street to thank for this type of detail!  Theme park wars are great because all the parks are forced to constantly improve themselves.


The Season of the Force discussion, which didn’t provide many details outside of it being inspired by Star Wars Weekends and having a new fireworks show,  (Couldn’t we get an upgrade to Rock n  Roller Coaster?)  did provide this little glimmer of something that most people missed.  See that glowing image on the far right?  It’s where the Magic of Disney Animation was located.  Well, that is the new location for the Star Wars Launch Bay!  There’s no other place to put the thing and open it by “later this year.”  It also appears there is a show in the ABC Theater.  Jedi Training Academy (Live?) looks to be in the same outdoor location.Star Wars Seasons of the Force

The launch bay is said to include fun play areas, the latest Star Wars games, props, artwork and characters.

Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland

One image flashed on the screen briefly also showed this. The left side shows an overlay of an eating area and the right side is a Chewbacca meet and greet.  I’d love to see Chewie and other Star Wars characters in the parks all the time!Star Wars Land Launch Bay

Another little gem of the future (probably VERY future) Star Wars Land will be the Mos Eisley Cantina.  How fun would it be to have a snack or dinner and listen to live performances.  This seems to take a nod from Diagon Alley as well with the constant entertainment that goes on the stage there.Star Wars Land Mos Eisley Cantina 2

Almost looks like Cyclops :)Star Wars Land Mos Eisley CantinaPeople are asking me to guess when Star Wars Land will be completed.  I’m going to throw out the year 2021 as my guess in preparation for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.  This land will be huge, it will be immersive and it will involve a lot of the famous (overly used?) Disney rock work that takes forever to build.  I’d guess that Toy Story Land opens within 3 years though.  It will be fun and detailed, but won’t have all that concrete rock work, and it will offer an open air coaster and a ride they already use with a new theme.

Star Wars Launch Bay should open by Christmas, if projections are accurate, and Seasons of the Force seems like a January-February type deal to boost attendance during slow seasons.

What do YOU think?


  1. I was at Disney World Labor Day week and I started talking to another mom while watching our kids play in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. She said her husband is one of the animator/artists shown on the DME video in Animation Academy. She said he is currently working as an usher at Animal Kingdom so they can keep him on payroll until they open a new Animation Academy-type experience at Animal Kingdom. She said they will teach how to draw animals like Bambi and Owl from Winnie the Pooh, then they will bring out a real deer and owl to learn about the animals.

  2. Hey Kenny, what do you think about the launch bay and star tours rumored to being on opposite(ish) sides of the park? I agree that the location of the old MoA makes for the quickest opening; however, not very convenient to where Star Tours is now. I would think they would try to have all Star Wars stuff together. Just wondering what your thoughts/projections could be on that.

  3. Do you have a schedule somewhere for this at AoA? Its our first trip in October and I was looking forward to the animation academy.

  4. Journey of the LM was down for refurbishment (I believe), and many were wondering if it would be closed for TSL or SWL…what are your thoughts now after seeing preliminary pics and specs?

    • Mermaid goes down for refurb in Sept and it’s possible that it could close for construction. One Man’s Dream looks like a pretty definite closure

  5. This is why you’re great and so appreciated, Kenny!! I too was bummed and thought I had missed my chance. But now I know I can head over to AoA and do it. Thanks for your expertise!

  6. Two things:
    1. Do you know what characters will have meet and greets?
    2. This has nothing to do with this but the characters that rotate around center stage, ex. Donald and Daisy I know they come out at the same time but do they have 1 line or 2 same with goofy and Pluto?

  7. did not know this, and happy to know now!! it’s our favorite activity and was very bummed to see it go. guess i’ll have to do more resort exploring now!

What do you think?

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