Home Disney World Will Duffy the Disney Bear be leaving Epcot?

Will Duffy the Disney Bear be leaving Epcot?

Duffy the Disney Bear Epcot Walt Disney World
This is how Duffy appeared in the United States before he was removed.

Will Duffy the Disney Bear be leaving Epcot?

Duffy the Disney Bear Epcot Walt Disney World

Rumors have recently been spreading that Duffy the Disney Bear could be soon leaving Epcot.  I wanted to consult with some friends who might be in the know before reporting on this subject.  As it stands today, Duffy will be leaving Epcot on October 3, 2015 and will not be available for regular in park meet and greets.  The end of September and early October is contract season at Walt Disney World, that’s why we typically see a lot of change over during this time of year.  I’ve not heard of any replacement coming, but it’s still possible that some other character could fill his spot.

There is always a slight chance he could appear at parties, but he was removed from them over the last couple of years, so it seems unlikely.  I actually liked his pumpkin and santa costumes much more than the typical sailor outfit.

What do you think about this news?

Duffy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2012
Duffy at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2012
Duffy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2012
Duffy at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2012


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  1. Has there been any recent confirmation on the Oct. 3 date being Duffy’s last day? Because if you go to his page on the Walt Disney World website, there are no times available for him after Sept. 26. Also really sad about this news. I know Duffy never really took off with the American crowds, but he is HUGE with international tourists that travel a lot to Disney World.

  2. Aw, we have met Duffy in his sailor and pumpkin outfits. And were looking forward to finally meeting Duffy in his Santa outfit this Christmas.

  3. So sad. My daughter freaked out during a lightening storm on our last visit. (PTSD from Hurricane Sandy). We were introduced to a Duffy stuffed animal by a very sweet CM that saw how upset my daughter was. Duffy has not left her side during any storm since. We planned to meet him in person 4/2016. She is going to be heart broken.

  4. Lately Disney has been disappointing my daughter a lot!!! She LOVES Duffy! At least he won’t be leaving until right after we go to Epcot.

  5. Oh no!!! My son loves Epcot just for Duffy!! Our Duffy has been everywhere with us and we love seeing Duffy at the parks! We were still hoping to meet him in his pumpkin suit…

  6. Oh! Not even telling my 11 year old who is a Duffy fanatic! She will be devastated. So glad we stood in line and saw him this summer.

  7. Oh no! My kids will be incredibly heartbroken by this. My son insisted on getting a Duffy 3 years ago when we were there and Duffy has been in separable from him ever since!!!

  8. Not happy about it. We have the book and all 3 of my kids love reading it. We just came back from Disney and Epcot and so glad we met him and got pics and it was the only thing my youngest (5 Yr old son) wanted! He got gim and a pluto outfit! Carries hum everywhere!

  9. We have enjoyed meeting Duffy but I agree he’s not a character that took off in popularity. It is a nice spot though, they should find some other character(s) to meet there.

  10. Well this is sad. Our trip to Disney World this year was going to be a Duffy trip, unfortunately our first day there is October 30th. Very disappointed.

  11. My kids will be devastated! I know they are in the minority but seeing Duffy is one of their favorite things. This is sad news for us :(

  12. So sad. I will miss Duffy and so will my children. They always take their stuffed bears with them when having a picture taken. Thanks for the update!

  13. Disney what ever you do, please don’t retire Marie The Kitten from WDW! Merchandise for her can be found every where in the parks and is popular with guests.

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