Home Disney World Could Stitch be leaving the Magic Kingdom?

Could Stitch be leaving the Magic Kingdom?

Stitch Dog Days of Summer 2013

Could Stitch be leaving the Magic Kingdom?

Stitch Dog Days of Summer 2013

A recent rumor I received is stating that Stitch may soon be removed from the Magic Kingdom.  According to the rumor Stitch would leave Tomorrowland to make way for Rafiki to move into Adventureland.  I’d rather see Captian Hook in Adventureland, since I can meet Rafiki in Animal Kingdom with no wait.  The person providing the speculation stated that he could be leaving at the end of September, if the rumor is true.  If he were to leave, his only regular meets would be ‘Ohana breakfast and Typhoon Lagoon during summer months.

If Stitch were to leave, what character would you like to see instead in Magic Kingdom?


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  1. Sadly this is true :( During My recent trip in January, I did meet Rafiki in the character spot at the front of Adventureland and Stitch was nowhere in sight in Tomorrowland. I think they should make him a walk-around character like the ones in Disneyland.

  2. I just got back from my vacation and was told during my meet and greet with Jasmine and Aladdin that Stitch is leaving to make way for Rafiki. I was told that Jasmine’s outfit will be changing in the near future as well. The cast member did not have any dates or time frames. It’s unfortunate! Rafiki is better at Animal Kingdom.

  3. No. Stitch has to stay in Tomorrowland to continue greeting the guests, and I’ve never gotten a chance to have a picture with him albeit my mom took a blurry video of me dancing with him.

  4. I like the “rare character rotation” ideas. Kenny what was the “old teardrop?” On my daughters first trip in fall ’07, we stumbled on a character palooza type event, back in a corner of Toontown…was that maybe it? Always wondered what that was.
    Your the best Kenny!

    • The location of the current Storybook Circus tents used to be a dead end path. They used that location for rare character appearances.

  5. Interesting. When we first started taking my daughter to WDW in 2010 we joked that Stich must have had blackmail on someone because he was everywhere. I think he had a meet in each park.

    I’d like to see him remain, since this is the only place he still meets. If he’s gone, I’d rather it be someone new (any prince, Hook, Smee, Jane) rather than a repeat of Rafiki.

  6. I would love to see a lot of characters replace Stitch. In no particular order: Dumbo, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, any of the princes, or Pinocchio. But I guess the most sensible one would be Abu, rotation of a dwarf, or DUMBO. Of course these are all dreams. I don’t have the money to dish out to make those characters happen though Disney has it in their repertoire. Oh well I can wish can’t I?

    • They seemed happy with the test, but not sure if it will amount to anything. You can meet Steamboat Willie at Disneyland

  7. My daughter would be sad to see stitch gone we would have to pay a heap if cash just to see him at the breakfast. Captain hook would be a good choice. we met him years ago in mk and he was very cheeky, tried to steal me from my husband and then ran off with our backpack :)

  8. We were there just after the 4th of July and Stitch was awesome! He really interacted with people he did his meet and great and provided great entertainment. Someone should start a petition.
    I agree about Capt. Hook being in Adventureland instead..

  9. I agree! Robin Hood! I wish they would do a rotation of past characters that are NEVER seen anymore. My kids want to see the Rescuers more than anything. :(

  10. Toulouse and Berlioz from The Aristocats would be perfect characters to meet at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot in the France Pavilion. Since both are found in Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort.

  11. I would really love to finally see Toulouse and Berlioz from The Aristocats to finally show up in Walt Disney World in the future. I’ve heard both are found in Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland recently. So since Marie is currently in the Magic Kingdom. I’m going to bet that in the future Toulouse and Berlioz can be found in the France Pavilion in Epcot. I’m still waiting for Duchess to finally become meetable.

  12. I’d love to be able to meet Capt Hook and Mr. Smee without having to shell out for the Pirate and Pals cruise.

    Robin Hood would be awesome but I won’t hold my breath for that.

  13. Funny I never saw Stitch in MK , We saw him in Epcot . But what does one area have to do with the other Not like Rafiki is going in tomorrowland. They are putting him in the opposite side of the park . I agree with above. I’d like to see Hook, Pinocchio or Jimminy Cricket

  14. It’s a long shot, but I know my boy would flip out if Miles (from Tomorrowland) were to have a meet n’ greet near the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover!

  15. i would love to see Rafiki if that is true bc i dont like goign to animal kindgom and when i go i dont like taking that train to the back and i LOVE rafiki!

  16. Agree with Kenny. Captain Hook would be better than Rafiki because he is a villain and fits the pirating theme. Rafiki really belongs at Animal Kingdom. Personally, I would like to see some different characters at MK. Some throw backs like Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf or Robin Hood etc. I wish Disney would just give is loyal fans and loyal yearly attenders from half way across the country what we want – our beloved characters. Disneyland had the long lost characters but I wasn’t able to get to that. I’m age 40, a lifelong Disney lover, and my kids really appreciate the craft of Walt – from current movies back to silly symphonies etc. we would live to see a Steamboat Willie meet and greet

  17. I wish they had a surprise m&g, like characterpalooza, even if it was just one rare character rotated. Pinocchio, Jiminy, Dopey, the hard to get ones but everyday at a certain time, just different characters.

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