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What will happen to Hiro and Baymax from Magic of Disney Animation at Hollywood Studios?

Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 are leaving Walt Disney World for now

As I mentioned on June 29, 2015 the Magic of Disney Animation building is closing on July 12, 2015.  The Animation Academy and the Drawn to Animation movie will close and Mickey and Minnie relocate within the park.  The future of Hiro and Baymax had not been formalized at that time, so here’s the news.

What will happen to Hiro and Baymax at Walt Disney World? kennythepirate

  • Mickey – Moves to area near the Monsters Inc characters where Darth Vader and Darth Maul have met during Star Wars Weekends.
  • Minnie – Moves back to the Chinese Theater / stage area and should appear at the same time as Chip n Dale.  Their schedules are found on Character Locator along with all others.
  • Hiro and Baymax – Here’s the bad news!  Hiro and Baymax will not have a home in Walt Disney World for several months.  An insider informed me that they will receive a new home later this year and Baymax is undergoing some type of transformation.  No details on the location for the future return were provided at this time.  I’ll update you as I hear more details.


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  1. Hey, apparently Baymax is back! Just Baymax though, no Hiro. I’m really disappointed that there’s no Hiro, but at least Baymax is in Epcot now! Fingers crossed for the whole team to show up!!

  2. They should probably make a new costume for Baymax, if it’s such a big problem, then they should just make a simple, non-blinking one. I was so excited to meet him and Hiro this week, especially Hiro. So disappointed. :(

  3. Hiro & Baymax are fun to meet – perhaps they can be “reimagined” in their battle gear to help avoid the Baymax’s balloon problem?

  4. My daughter is so disappointed. This was the one character meet she REALLY wanted to do. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. I’m in line for Hiro and Baymax right now. They won’t come back from break for another 45 minutes and the line is probably another hour or so on top of that. Everyone knows this is our last chance to see them, at least for a long while. I’m just glad I have an annual pass so that I can afford to spend the time waiting for one last visit with them.

  6. I’ve got my fingers crossed they are back by Feb 2016! Would love to meet theses two! Any idea why inside out didn’t get any kind of M&G? The movie seems to be doing well…

  7. I really hope they bring Baymax back and this plan doesn’t just not happen. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, and Big Hero 6 was so good!

  8. I’m really mad at myself that we didn’t do this in April/May. Ugh!! Hopefully he’ll come back bigger and better! :-) Thanks again Kenny for all the work you do!

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