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“A Pirate’s Day for Me” Spend a Day with KtP Giveaway

KennythePirates A Pirate's Day for Me Giveaway Sweepstakes

“A Pirate’s Day for Me” – Spend a Day with KennythePirate Giveaway

Update:  The winner has been selected for the giveaway.  I’ll be spending the day with Kerry D on May 16 at Star Wars Weekends.

Many guests of this website have asked if I’m available to meet up during their vacation.  I’d love to be available to each one of you for each trip, but job, family and other commitments hinder me from being in every place at once :)  With that said, I’ve decided to do a fun contest.  Win a day with KtP!

The grand prize for the sweepstakes will include spending up to 6 hours together meeting characters, riding rides, watching shows or eating a meal with you and your family.  What we do during our time in the park will be up to you!  You can choose the attractions and I’ll maximize the order to have the best time possible.  I’ll even bring along my camera to document our fun day together.

Will we ride Pirates of the Caribbean or Tower of Terror?  Will we catch a great parade or watch fireworks?  Will we meet Gaston or Peter Pan?  Perhaps you’ll see my awesome dance moves at a dance party?

How to enter:

  1.  You must subscribe to my email updates above or on the sides of the website.  (Note for maximizing the subscription:  After receiving your first email update, click on “Manage subscription” at the bottom of the post.

  2.  You must leave a comment below using the same email as the subscription  (Your email address is always kept private and only I can view your email address).  Don’t leave your email address as the commment :)

  3. Multiple members of the same family or touring group may participate as long as they are 18 years or older and have a valid email address.

Winner must be 18 years or older.  Enter between March 2 and March 30, 2015 and the prize must be fulfilled in the year of 2015 with advance notice to KtP.  It’s that easy!  Feel free to share with friends who may be visiting as well.

I will contact the winner via email and begin setting up the fun day together.   Winner and family will be required to have valid park admission and there is no financial value for this prize.


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  1. Holy cow – our group of 13 would have a blast hanging with you during our October trip!!! We are seriously the funnest group to tour with, LOL!!! First round is on us too!!!

  2. I visit your website all the time (always dreaming of Disney), but for some reason, I just saw this. Here’s hoping!! :)

  3. Is almost March 30th :)
    That’s the day of the raffle or April 1st.
    Is everyone getting excited about the thought of spending a day with Kenny at the Parks!!

    Pixie Dust for all :)

  4. Our family would love to spend a day with you in June. It would be wonderful if you maximized our daughters Pirate birthday or any day of our trip!!!

  5. Would love a day with Kenny the Pirate! We have our first ever trip coming at the end of May. Would love to spend the day with you!

  6. Great idea! Had the pleasure of meeting you at a Halloween party before, and you were very helpful and friendly and I can tell you’d be a great companion for the lucky winners. Here’s to hoping it is my family!

  7. Going this June for the first time with the family during Star Wars weekend and I am very nervous to be a newbie and at SWW!!!! It would be great if you could join us!

  8. A day with KTP would be like winning the lottery! Would love to have my own park guide instead of always feeling like I’m the guide.

  9. WOW! A day with a pirate! What better way to surprise my daughter for her 8th birthday and my husband for our 10th anniversary! ARG!!!! We’ll be visiting in June……our little princess doesn’t know it yet! :) Good luck to everyone!!!

  10. We would love to spend time with you during our June Grad trip for our daughter! Your emails bring some Disney magic to TN everyday- thank you for your wonderful website!

  11. Oh goodness, what an amazing thing to win! We are travelling to Disney all the way from Australia, so this would be a wonderful way to experience the park! All the best to everyone who has entered!!

  12. Wow. How generous of you! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into making our vacations even better! You helped our family immensely on our last trip as we had previously never focused much on characters. Now, watching my kids meet the characters is something I most look forward to!

  13. My girlfriend and I are visiting Epcot in April for my daughter’s fifth birthday (her husband refuses to return after a crowded day last November), and we would love to have you along to make the day even more special as we try for our first character in-training meet.

  14. I am such a huge fan of your website! Everytime I have friends ask me for Disney advise I direct them to your site! We would like to come for Halloween this year and navigating a party KtP style would be a dream!

  15. What a great contest! I’ve read your entire site, so I feel like I know you and your family. We have season passes, and on several park trips I’ve said “I think I see Kenny the Pirate!” My husband thinks you’re a rare character. :-) Would love to meet you and learn more. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Awesome contest idea! We saw you last year during the 24 hour party (at flag retreat) but didn’t want to hold you up by stopping you to say hi.

  17. Entered the contest. Hope we win, it would be an amazing time. You have made each of our trips a success. It will give us a reason to get back up there now that our son is doing better.

  18. Hello from Norway (no -not in Epcot; but the real Norway)! We have two trips planned this year: July and October. Would love to meet you!!

    • I flew into Oslo before heading down to the Netherlands and Paris, but didn’t get to see your beautiful country :(

  19. We are taking our kids for their first visit in August/September and would love to spend a day with you! I used all your info and your character locator app to plan out our park touring, so it would be interesting to see how my planning would compare with how you would actually do it!

  20. I would love to win this! We try to use all your suggestions, but would love to see how you really do it all! Pick us!!!!

  21. What a special experience this would be! I think this would be better than a VIP tour from Disney. Our family used the Character Locator /Character Palooza for the first time last year, BEST INVESTMENT EVER! This year we will be making our yearly trip to Disney in December and we will be using the Character Locator again!

  22. This is a awesome idea! Every time we are at Disney, we always keep an eye out for you! My friend and I plan all the Disney trips for our family and reference your tips and site ALL THE TIME! Hanging out with you for the day would be our own Disney nerd dream!

  23. Love your site and have used your app to meet tons of characters in the park. I’m sure my family would love to spend the day with you at WDW.

  24. Definitely want in! But we don’t arrive til October. We’re from the UK and my family would love to spend the day with you.

  25. What a cool idea. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’d totally have you take me on a character meet and greet frenzy.

  26. Awesome! Follow KtP all the time! Going at end of August beginning of September and would love to have a KtP day! after this winter in Buffalo, I need the sun!!! 100 inches of snow and counting!

  27. Would love to spend the day with ktp! We are going from our first SWW in June. Our daughters love the characters and your plans are the best. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  28. Wow! We’d be honored to have a tour by Kenny THE pirate! Our family will be there in May;) join us for may the 4th be with you at hollywood;) Or any of the parks the rest of the week! this is only our 2nd time to Disney. We missed so much last time, but with your great site…we’ll be in good shape this trip;)
    A personal tour would be a dream come true!

  29. Love this! Whenever we’re touring the parks I’m always keeping en eye out to see if I can spot you there by chance :-).

  30. OMG You are my Disney planning hero & I would love to hang with you! I would want to do a party, either Halloween or Christmas!

  31. Pick my family. We are comin in on october 2nd and plan to do 2 halloween parties. Im sure my daughter would have a blast with your youngest daughter

  32. Super fun idea! Would be super fantastic to tour the park with you. I bet you’re a hoot and would fit in great with our fam for 6 hours!

  33. OOOO…pick me, pick me, lol. I’d love to watch KtP in action. We’re going in May/June, Aug/Sep and Nov/Dec this year, so you can pick!

    • Are you speaking of DiVine at Animal Kingdom? She is under Characters. Singing in the Rain umbrella is in Hollywood Studios Backlot near Lights Motors Action. If you win, I could take you there.

  34. Would love to spend a day with the best pirate during our trip 9/28-10/9. What a priceless anniversary surprise that would be!!

  35. This would be an awesome contest to win. Our family would love to spend time with one of our favorite Disney writer. Whoever wins this will be in for a great time.

  36. Would love to win a time spent w/Kenny in the paks! Will be there this Mayso that would be fun!!! I follow on Facebook, through the blog and check the website frequently. Hope I get picked! Plus I love meeting the characters!!!

  37. Would love to spend some time with you-I’m always impressed with how much you get done in the shortest amount of time! We’ll be there in May!

  38. How awesome would this be. As our next trip will be during the Christmas party 2015 and be able to get all the in and outs of the party with you.

  39. What a bummer this competition wasn’t available last year when we travelled, Coming from Australia unfortunatly not an yearly trip. But I loved your app and all the magic it added to our amazing trip

  40. Would love to meet you! You have saved our family so much time and provided so much extra enjoyment by using your advice and touring plans!!!

  41. This is so Exciting :)
    Best luck to everyone and luckily I have a Trip plan for 2015 Yeahhh
    It will be great to be there with you ( the source for a Perfect Day)

    Please let me know if I need to do anything else to enter the contest

  42. I think this would seriously be the cherry on the top of my WDW vacation! Whoever wins will be sure to have a great day!

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