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Walt Disney World Christmas Parade taping dates moved.


The annual Disney Parks Christmas Parade taping typically takes place on the first Friday and Saturday of December, but this year will be different.

In addition to changing the theme to a Frozen inspired holiday celebration, the new parade filming dates will now be Monday, December 8 and Tuesday, December 9.   Guests visiting the park will be allowed to view the recording at Cinderella Castle and down Main Street.

Disney has not released the official celebrity performer list.


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  1. I’m a Cast Member at MK, and we have been informed that the Welcome Show won’t be performed these days. Also the Move it Shake it parade will be canceled, and Festival of Fantasy will be at 5pm.

  2. If we want to try and be in the “audience” for the filming on Monday, what time should we get there? Is there any way to ask at our hotel – we’re staying onsite – the day before if there have been any changes or are they not likely to know more than you.

  3. Do you know if fast passes to characters will be effected by the filming of the parade on December 8th? I have fast passes to Anna and Elsa in the early afternoon when the parade will likely be filming.

  4. We’re going the Saturday they were filming. Have no interest in the parade taping, so kinda glad it’s moved. Do you think a lot of people who had planned on attending just for the parade will come on Monday / Tuesday instead, or will MK be swamped with riders on Saturday now?

  5. How is this going to impact the Party night that is set for Dec 9th? Will this impact any of the other parades and other shows on the 8th or 9th? Any additional information you have would be greatly appreciated as we were going to have our only MK days on the 8th and 9th. Kinda going crazy now with what to do!

  6. This dec 9 date is the night I bought MVMCP tickets. Wondering how that’ll make things. It typically doesn’t draw crowds so maybe it’ll help reduce crowds at the night party too. We shall see

  7. If I may ask, how did you find the taping has been moved to different dates? I can’t find info on this anywhere else and I have a friend who is flying in with her family from CA so her daughter can cheer in the parade.

  8. Is the rest of the park typically crowded during taping times or is it just Main Street? I had plans to be at MK all day and for MVCMP and now I’m wondering if I should go somewhere else until party time…I’m guessing overall the park would still be busier on Wednesday than Tuesday since they have all parades, etc?

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