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Downtown Disney Festival of the Seasons and Santa Claus meet and greet begins today


Downtown Disney’s Festival of the Seasons officially begins today with the opening of extremely popular Santa Claus meet and greet.  He meets in an area known as Santa’s Chalet which is located next to the World of Disney store.  Here’s Santa’s schedule for 2014:

  • November 14-20 – 5:00-9:30pm
  • November 21-December 24 – 12:00-9:30pm

After working the busy season and delivering gifts to the children of the world, he will take a break and allow Santa Goofy to take over.

  • December 25-29 from 3:00-9:30pm

In Disney World’s continuing efforts to not allow guests to wait in long lines, they will feature a new pager system.  If the wait for Santa or Santa Goofy exceeds 30 minutes, guests will be offered a pager or opt to receive a text message telling them when to return so that their wait time doesn’t exceed 20 minutes.  Hey, you can’t get people to shop in DTD, if they are waiting in a line, right?


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  1. Ok..I have changed our fast passes to Black Friday. That day falls under the green for your calendar. lol. Now what do you think? (sorry for all these comments. Not sure why my first reply did not branch out from my first..

  2. Jinkies…I just found the calendar again. I was TOTALLY wrong. My day is falling in the red category. :/ Eep..So what are your thoughts on the Anna line? I dont mind standing in it for an hour, it’s the three hour lines from before that I do not want to do. lol

    • Arrive 30 minutes early. Go straight to rope on left. Walk right behind the CM carrying the rope and be first in line or go near closing.

  3. Do you know about how bad the lines have been to meet Anna lately? She is Destiny’s last princess to meet. I want to try to get her to meet her before her 1st bday, which is Dec 20. We have not been able to go as much lately so I have not been able to check the times for the line lately. We never stay in a resort, so havent been able to book the FP 60 days out. :/ We are possibly going on November 23, which I BELIEVE you labeled on the crowd calendar as green. (I cannot remember lol) What do you think? :)

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