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Are Maleficent and The Queen from Snow White being eliminated from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

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Snow White with Queen at Character Palooza 2014

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”  If the evidence that some are being presented is accurate, all kinds of evil is being stirred up for the hard-ticket event known as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  But it may not be the kind of wink and nod, Disney evil that you’re expecting.

In previous years many of Disney’s most famous villains have met with guests following the Villains Mix & Mingle held at the Castle Stage in the Magic Kingdom.  This allowed guests the opportunity to meet Maleficent and the Queen from Snow White among others.  Some of these villains are being promised for meet and greets including Jafar in Adventureland and the Queen of Hearts at the Mad Tea Party.  Other villains like the Tremaines (who previously offered a meet and greet), Dr. Faciler, Frollo and Cruella de Vil are being moved to only a Dance Party environment at “Club Villain.”  The villains will no longer meet after the Mix and Mingle and it’s now being called The Villains Mix and Mingle – Live on Stage.  It’s even being reduced from 4 shows to 3!  Why in the world would you keep the word Mingle in the name when they aren’t going to mingle with paying guests?  Who knows.

:)  Shawn Slater on August 27th, 2014 at 8:37 am

Rachael – Happy Birthday! And here’s my present to you… Judge Claude Frollo is expected to make appearances inside Club Villain during the Halloween party! The villains will not be coming down to meet Guests after the “Villains Mix & Mingle” show, as they have in the past. By having them around the park, though, they will be available most of the night and able to see as many Guests as possible. 

But this is where the love of money comes into the tale.  Disney World recently announced a $99 per person ‘Villains Soiree’ which promised a meet and greet with many villains including Maleficent and The Queen among others.  Before the Soiree event was released, the Disney Parks Blog promised it’s readers that Maleficent and the Queen would meet with Aurora and Snow White inside Princess Fairytale Hall for any guest paying the 60 to 70 bucks per person extra to attend the party itself.  Well, that promise has been withdrawn with a simple press of the delete key.

It appears that Maleficent and the Queen will not meet with regular paying guests and will only meet with guests who paid an extra $99 per person at that Villains Soiree dessert and parade/fireworks viewing event.  Their blog post was edited and the comments below the post are now telling people that Cinderella and Rapunzel will meet in their regular spot instead.  BAD SHOW!  This means that a family of four would have to pay $636 just to meet Maleficent and the Queen and you’ll only find the exact same characters in Fairytale Hall that meet during the day and offer Fastpass+ then too!

36Amber on August 23rd, 2014 at 11:47 am

Does this mean that Rapunzel and Cinderella won’t be at the party? :(

Shawn Slater on August 28th, 2014 at 11:05 am
Amber – You will be able to find them inside Princess Fairytale Hall.

First they promise guests that they will meet Aurora/Maleficent and The Queen/Snow White in Princess Fairytale Hall (which seemed like a really popular meet waiting to happen), then offer an upsell event that was optional to guests that already paid to enter the party, then remove your promise to meet these villains and make them exclusive to this highly upcharged event only?  I have no issues with companies wishing to make money on their products, but to take away all the Princes, then promise this special meet and greet, only to remove it shortly after with a few backspaces and a couple of comments following the post is a pretty bad way to treat guests that are already paying a premium fee to enter the party.  I thought we were taught to keep our promises when we were children?  It appears that there could be all kinds of evil at the Halloween Party, but it’s the kind that comes from greed.


  1. Any word or ideas on what’s happening this year? I haven’t seen anything about the Soiree happening in 2015 and I am hoping against all odds that Maleficent will be a meet-and-greet character this year because she’s by far my favorite villain. Since they are doing the Hocus Pocus show instead, I’m sure they still aren’t going to have the “mingle” part with the villains, so I’m hopeful they’re either doing Maleficent/Aurora and Evil Queen/Snow White at Fairytale Hall or even have them at the dance party. I’ll be keeping my eyes open on all the blogs once the parties actually start for details.

  2. I am disappointed by this as well. We were looking forward to the princes first – gone, then the cool replacement of the princess and villain – now gone again.

    BUT…(Must say something positive) We LOVEd our first Halloween party a few years ago and did not hit some of the major fun things – 7 Dwarfs or Hitch Hiking host photo and we love those dance parties so a chance to dance with villains is awesome. I cost of the party is so worth it when you can be in the park at 4 – we even have 3 FP+ planned for the time before the party begins.

    BUT this special ticket – way way be mistake I think. I have seen a review of someone who attended and it was less then kind – including the cost – payout feeling. A regular dessert party runs 30-40 at high season so even with the addition of characters I guess I would go up t 50 BUT that means you are paying 50 for 2 special viewing spaces??? 50 for a FP??? nope.

    Kenny – Thanks for allowing people to share comments – good and bad and thanks for telling us the truth as you get it. I am glad you will not attend this event and know you will still have great memories to share about the MNSSHP

  3. From what I can gather the Soiree is only selling 150 per tickets each night. I am wondering if they are hoping to sell the event out entirely and then add the villians back into PFTH??? Surely they must have a couple folks playing each of these characters!!! My fingers are crossed that Disney will do right and make the villians more accessible!!!

  4. I’m so incredibly disappointed in Disney. I think it’s beyond rotten to post that blog on the Disney Parks site stating that Maleficent and the Evil Queen would be meeting with Aurora and Snow White, in place of the princes this year, and then to remove it less than a week before the first party. If they’re only available at the Soiree for $100/person, that will really prove Disney’s incredible greed. They know how popular Maleficent is, especially after the 3+ hour waits for her at Villains Unleashed, and to pull this crap? It’s just horrible.

  5. I hope that that somehow a Disney will turn this around. We have become huge fans of the MNSSHP and are attending our 4th this year. We were looking forward to meeting the Evil Queen and Maleficent with their princesses as something new and different. First they remove the princes and now the villains. No offense to the lovely princesses but we can meet them in the parks on a regular day while the others are more rare, The only reason for this is Disney is taking advantage of the guests due to the popularity of the villains. It is a Halloween party so of course we want to see the villains. It’s insulting to tell guests who have already paid extra for the party that they have to pay even more to see certain characters. Very bad Disney, really. If the Soirée tickets are successful then there’s no telling how far Disney will go with making characters available only for those who pay even more money. If people speak with their wallets and don’t go to the Soirée maybe Disney will see that they crossed a line. Unfortunately people will probably shell out another $100 a person to attend (which is ridiculous) and that I’m afraid is the beginning of a slippery slope.

    • People are totally buying the tickets. On the disboards, many people said when the event was announced, they were on hold for an hour trying to book it, and either they did or their date was sold out. Disney also released a second party time on the later dates, I’m guessing since the other bookings were so successful. I’m not crazy about the fact that we’re already paying for a special event and now there’s another special event being held within the original, that’s almost one a half times the original cost, but the thing that’s making me angry is that they’re getting characters which, as it stands right now, have been snatched away from the rest of us.

  6. I think the worst is that I don’t see any “Uh, nevermind” anywhere on the blog. They didn’t even post a note about why the blog was edited. I was a little upset at first that they took the princes away because my daughter (age 3) has been talking about meeting her prince for months. I was really fine with it though because my 5 year old and I would both LOVE to meet Maleficent with Aurora. I’m upset, and I’m thinking about cancelling our tickets. We could add a park day for less than the cost of the tickets for the party, and it seems we were able to actually meet and greet more interesting characters last year because of the mingle aspect of the mix n mingle. Thanks for keeping us updated, Kenny!

  7. FYI: The Snow Hag will be out this year near the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train instead of the Snow Queen at Fairytale Hall. As for replacing Maleficent…that I can’t explain.

    • Appreciate your input and hope the information on the The Witch is correct, but still doesn’t excuse Disney from just trying to wipe away their promised characters without explanation.

  8. I just talked with a cast member over the phone and he told me the Villain Mix n’ Mingle will still be happening at the party….when I asked him to explain why on Disney website it was list as Villains Castle Show with no meet n great….he didn’t have an answer for me

    • Yes, it will, but they won’t leave the stage. Speaking to phone reps doesn’t get you any actual answers. The link I posted to in that Disney “blog” actually tells you in the comments that the Mingle part is gone and I know for a fact that there are only 3 shows scheduled.

    • If you read the article it points out that they edited their previous blog and comments to reflect a switch away from the promised characters and back to rapunzel and cinderella. They could do it, but at the moment they aren’t.

      • I read the article, and you’re grasping at straws. They never said they were taking them out. You’re just assuming and spreading misinformation.

      • You make me chuckle!
        Orginal version of their article said Aurora/Maleficent and Snow White/Queen in Fairytale Hall – it was later deleted.
        Original answer to question concerning location of Cindrella and Rapunzel was “outside the castle.” It now says they will be in their regular location (where the above characters were previously stated to be located)
        Please do your research or read my article completely before accusing me of “spreading misinformation.”

  9. I really hope that this years MNSSHP Fails because they have nothing at all New to offer.Its the same old characters every year and they should know from All the money they just made at the Unleash the Villains event that people are willing to pay money to see New characters.I been to Mnsshp plenty of times and instead of improving the party experiance its getting worst and i refuse to bring my kids to the party without New Villains!If Paris Disney can have all these great rare characters come out Halloween why cant Disneyworld.

  10. I am a huge Disney fan, but this makes me so disappointed with Disney. My 4 year old daughter loves Maleficent and is terrified of all the other villains. All she has talked about since I read the initial press release is getting her picture with Maleficent. I’m not going to pay $99 per person when she is frightened by everyone else. It’s ridiculous to have to pay for a special event within a special event, especially when Disney initially said Maleficent would be with Aurora.

  11. Disney could really make these parties so spectacular for us character loving people. Sometimes it seems they almost go out of their way not to. I wonder how many more tickets they would sell to locals to these parties if they changed up the rare characters each year and offered different experiences.

  12. Ugh this sucks!!! The whole reason I was taking my daughter this year was so we could meet Maleficent, Evil Queen and the princes!! So beyond disappointed!!! :(

  13. Could this possibly have come at a worse time to rub it in to all those at the villain party last weekend when their lines were the longest?

  14. This is very disappointing. The main reason I bought tickets for MNSSHP was for Maleficent! Which email address should I send a complaint to Disney?

  15. If in fact they don’t have those characters, I will be asking for a refund. I bought tickets after they announced a meet with them. Of course I’ve already told my 7 yr old that we were going to meet them. I’m so angry!

  16. I just posted my reply to this news
    “I think it’s very sad for the “Disney people” on the blog to tell guests, the evil queen & Maleficient will be meeting at MNSSHP with Aurora, then take back what you say & tell people they have to buy the dessert party soiree tickets for an addtl. cost on top of the cost people are paying for the Halloween party tickets. Sure, businesses are out to make money, but for Disney & with kids involved, you are going to tell everyone something & then take it back, like it never happened, what a way to break your word. To top it off you’ve taken away the princes as well at the special characters available for parties only. Since comments are monitored I’m sure this won’t get posted, after all you never see the comments from people that are upset, we can’t let on that Disney did such a thing as breaking their word & everything always has to be sugar coated for crowds, but I wanted to let you know from a mom whose family are annual passholders, we always attend the parties,& Disney is our 2nd home, I have a very heartbroken 7 yr old who was very much looking forward to meeting Maleficient at the Halloween party & now can’t because I refuse to pay an extra $400+ after the cost of the party tickets just to meet her :( “

      • I made a very civil comment that I thought announcing an expensive hard ticket event within a hard ticket event and then changing M&G’s by removing one of the most popular characters from the general event and placing her exclusively in the soiree was very disappointing. The sequence of the above events was particularly upsetting and not in what I see as the Disney spirit. Well, I thought it was civil. They didn’t LOL, and it remains unpublished, surprise!

  17. The REALLY sad part is that people WILL pay the extra money for the upsell event. You know they will. I’m not at all happy with many of the changes I see around the parks these days. I don’t think I like the money people they have in charge currently…..

  18. Wow. You are so right! The M&G with the Princess and her nemesis sounded fun to me. The Evil Queen is awesome to meet. She stays in character very well and its a amusing change from the sweet smiley characters. Pretty much a bait and switch and I think bad form on Disney’s part.

  19. This is awful. They should at least put the princes back at the Hall for the party. I was really looking forward to meeting Maleficent! Why must Disney never include the rarer villains at its events? I’ve already met the Queen of Hearts, Jafar, The Queen, and Lotso a couple times. There is no way I’m paying over $600 bucks just to meet Maleficent.

  20. When I realized that they had reneged on Maleficent and Evil Queen at PFH, I was very upset. At the minimum they should have the princes meeting at PFH to meet non-premium guests. Ugh, Disney. This is not going to end well for you.

      • Funny enough we had sent Disney guest communications an email expecting nothing to come of it. They actually called us and offered us a Villains Unleashed refund. It was really nice of them and we honestly hadn’t expected them to do that. I did my best to convey the good and bad aspects of the event to the CM who was very understanding.

        But now for them to go, “Here’s going to be this cool new meet and greet at MNSSHP” and then go “Uh, nevermind” is really ridiculous.

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