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Daisy Duck and Donald Duck meet and greet at Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island details

Photo of Daisy Duck and Donald Duck together at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Daisy and Donald moved into Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island location across from Flame Tree BBQ this morning.  Tigger and Pooh are now gone entirely from Animal Kingdom, but continue to meet in other locations.   Be sure to check out my Master Character Location list for all the places you can meet them.

Disney hasn’t had an opportunity to post their names, but they meet from 9:00am until 30 minutes before close daily.  There schedule is in my Animal Kingdom schedules and on my www.characterlocator.com app.
Sign at the Daisy and Donald meet in Animal Kingdom

The Fastpass+ signage is still covered.  The rollout of the Fastpass+ ONLY (Exclusive) meet aspect is officially “delayed.”  There’s no way to know if it will come later, or just be scrapped.  I know the overwhelming feeling among character fans is just to leave it alone or offer FP+ as an option, not a requirement.

Fastpass+ still covered up for Daisy and Donald meet at Animal Kingdom

Touchpoints are still covered as well.Fastpass+ touchpoint covered at Daisy and Donald meet and greet in Animal Kingdom

We went shortly after rope drop and the meet and greet was EMPTY!No line for Daisy and Donald meet at Animal Kingdom

We caught Donald and Daisy taking a little break.  Fortuitous timing for us!  They couple don’t usually pose for photos together.  They usually only pose separately.Photo of Daisy Duck and Donald Duck together at Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is Daisy’s only regular location that offers her classic pink dress and purple bow.Daisy appearing in her pink dress in Animal Kingdom's Discovery Island

Daisy preening for the cameraDaisy Duck preening for the camera at Animal Kingdom

KennythePirate and Jordyn (needs a piratical name) meet Daisy Duck KennythePirate meeting with Daisy Duck at Animal Kingdom

Donald Duck likewise meets in his classic blue sailor costume.  This is the only regular meet and greet location to find him in this costume.  I told them characters that we were excited to see them dressed in this manner!Donald Duck acting up at Animal Kingdom

What’s up duck?Donald Duck in his blue sailor suit at Disney World Animal Kingdom meet and greet

Donald and I are good friends ;)  KennythePirate with Donald Duck at Animal Kingdom's Discovery Island

The best times to meet Daisy and Donald will be early and late in the day, but lines for Discovery Island were rarely long when Tigger and Pooh met there.

I wonder what they will do with Donald’s old meet and greet location?  It says Huey, Dewey and Louie, but they won’t be meeting there.  We could dream, right?

What do you think?  Are you excited to see Donald and Daisy at Discovery Island in their classic costumes or would you prefer the explorer ones they usually wear in Animal Kingdom?



  1. So will Safari Donald be going away then? When I went last week I think both Donalds were in the park meeting guests. I forgot about Pooh & Tigger and didn’t know about these two until a CM told us at opening to come down and meet them. I am so glad I got see them in those costumes since it sounds like it’s rare. We had fun with Donald and took your advice saying Mickey is #1. We have a picture of him with his back to us. We told me later on we lied and he was number #1, well actually Daisy was, which he agreed to.

  2. I love classic Donald! I’m going to AK Sunday to FINALLY watch the parade before they cancel it, and I”m so going to this M&G.

  3. So excited to see the ducks in their classic outfits. Hope it stays that way. I had thought they would be in their safari outfits.

  4. I can’t believe that Donald is meeting in his blue sailor outfit! I have never gotten the chance to get my picture with him in it.

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