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Magic Bands and My Disney Experience will be available to guests staying off Walt Disney World property

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Beginning next week, guests staying offsite, not on Walt Disney World property, will be offered the opportunity to pre-book Fastpass+ reservations using My Disney Experience.  Off site guests will be allowed to reserve Fastpass+ options up to 30 days before their date of park visit.   Off site guests would be allowed to book for up to 7 days at a time.

Guests will be allowed the option of purchasing a MagicBand at the park for $12.95 each, but they aren’t required as the ticket media is all RFID enabled and will operate just fine without the MagicBand.  The Magic Band would basically just make you look like all the cool people and keep you from pulling your ticket out of your pocket three times per day.

Offsite guests will need to link their ticket number to the MyDisneyExperience website before being allowed to make reservations.  After linking your ticket to the system, you can use the My Disney Experience app and website freely to reserve, change, copy and delete Fastpass+ options.

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  1. Does the RFID in your paper ticket work for the Memory Maker or do you have to buy a Magic Band to do the Memory Maker? The reason I ask is I don’t really want to waste time getting a magic band at the park the first morning when I need to be running to Anna & Elsa. Can I prebuy it as an offsite person and have it shipped to me? This way we’d be ready to go for princess pictures.

    • Memory Maker gives you a special RFID card to use. MagicBands aren’t terribly helpful to offsite guests. The tickets are RFID enabled already.

  2. Reference your three times comment. What are those three times and I purchased memory maker. That would greatly increase the amount of times I use the magic band, correct?

    • Yes the photopass photographer would scan your band at each picture spot instead of a photopass card and they will be uploaded to the MyDisneyExperience app/website once you’ve linked it all. It is more convenient than pulling out card or having the card on the lanyard around your neck all day.

      • Jerry,
        Thanks for pointing that out. I rarely use or purchase Photopass, so I didn’t consider that. It also helps those who have a credit card on file for making purchases.

  3. We’ve pre-purchased tickets, but won’t have them in hand until we arrive at the park. Can we link it with our confirmation number? And thanks for the heads up on the Star Wars character dining. We got both meals for May 4, our last day on vacation.

  4. Any idea what would happen if I had a dummy hotel reservation and then cancelled it? (The tix are linked and FP+ reservations are made.) I would hope I could keep the reservations.

  5. I am so excited about this. We are going mid-May and will be so nice to not have to deal with this first thing every morning when we get to the park.

  6. What if you have an old, non RFID, paper ticket? Could you link it to make the FP+ reservations and then buy the MB when you get into the park?

    • Good question. I would certainly attempt to link the paper ticket. If that doesn’t work, contact Disney’s IT department for assistance. I know they change the paper ones over to RFID at the gate, but not sure about this change.

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