1. Is there a way to shorten the line once we get there an hour early? I am asking because my twins have Autism and the extra wait after being there already an hour early will be torture for them and all around us. Is there anyone who can help us once we enter? Do you have any advice on what can make this easier for my twins?

  2. Hi! Someone said kids “will HAVE to answer the questions”. So that excludes non-english speakers? My kid does not speak english, but would understand: left, right, shoulder, duck, etc. words. Does anyone know what questions are asked at the registration? Thanks!!

  3. A few rain drops 5 minutes into the show, before kids even saw a light saber, and the show was cancelled. No meet and greet even though we were promised something special in the event of rain. They took the robe back, gave them a pin and sent them on their way. The older kids were all crying. The younger kids didn’t know what was happening. That certainly could have been handled better. Come on Hollywood Studios, you can do better than that.

  4. Hello Kenny, a few corrections: 1. Signups is indeed next to the Adventure Outpost. Check-ins are also currently at the Adventure Outpost NOT the ABC Sound Studio. (This info could change and one should always check the Disney website and app for location of Signups). Guests should carefully listen to the Signup cast member for rendezvous information, however if all else fails the check in location is on the ticket the guest receives.
    2. Darth Vader and Seventh Sister are not guaranteed. The Dark Side varies. And as such cast members can not guarantee kids get to one or the other character. I’ve seen Darth Maul replace Seventh Sister, I’ve heard of it just being the Seventh Sister. Please be prepared for anything.
    3. A Darth Vader meet n greet is NOT a guarantee. This meet n greet relies on a lot of different factors and a call from the Jedi Council who is monitoring all those factors. The cast members guests see at the Signups location, non of those are the Jedi Council. One such factor that could make the meet n greet not a possibility is lightening in a certain radius of the park. Cast members can not walk the children to Star Tours under such conditions.
    4. Certificates are no more. Children receive pins to commemorate the completion of their training. If your child does not receive a pin please inquire with the cast member at the stage or signups area. They may be able to help you.
    Last bit of tips I can give to readers:
    Before even entering the Jedi Signups line please have an idea of which showtimes work for your schedule. Have a list of multiple showtimes you can do just incase your first choice is taken. Showtimes are on (www.characterlocator.com). If you are unsure of what works best for you please at least have your fastpasses and reservation times out and ready before you get to the table. Cast members will be happy to help you decide on a time and plan around things but that extra time to get your phone out and such racks up with multiple families and causes the line to get a bit longer. Being prepared expedites the process. Being prepared is so very important. Your children will be the ones to HAVE to answer the questions. Please let them know that. The cast member will probably tell you the earliest time available for your amount of children signing up. If that time doesn’t work for you ask for anything later or let them know. They will expand on the other showtimes then.

  5. I have an ADR for Hollywood & Vine at 8:25am on May 10th. We have 4 kids in our group that want to do Jedi Training. I also have an ADR for Fantasmic Package at H&V for dinner that same day. I’m trying to decide which is the better reservation to keep. We are on the dining plan. Jedi training is the number one must do for a couple of the older boys. But then again, we are a group of 11 and the idea of fantasmic seating is appealing as well. Which would you keep?

  6. Thanks, Kenny.
    My sons both have special needs and require a disney persons with disability pass to go on rides, because of this they did not have to wait the almost 2hrs to sign up. I am so glad because my boys loved every minute of it but will never waited that long in line. That is one thing I hate about that activity is having children wait in line with the adults. I know the reasoning behind it but having a kid wait where they could be doing other activities specially if it was their first time at the park is beyond me.

  7. How can you get in 45min before if the park is not open. What time do they start registering children during early magic hours?

    • Arrive 45 minutes before opening. Only way you can actually enter early is to get reservation for Hollywood and Vine. They do begin registering at moment emh begins as well.

  8. not sure about the quick process, we were here in april and literally waiting over an hour and half in line and they gave us our spot, we did not get to choose. We were there for opening and the line was insane. we missed our first fast pass and didn’t get the jeti training unitl 4:15

    • We’ve done it many times by following my tips. Arrive 45 minutes before park opening and go straight there. You’ll have a short wait and your pick of show times.

  9. We went to WDW last year and didn’t know about this, When we saw them on stage my son was so bummed. So we are going Feb 2017 and this is going to be his main thing he will want to do. We don’t have breakfast reservations, just planning to go early that day.. But my question is, Is their any tips how to make sure we get a spot in That line? Fast ways/shortcuts etc! I want to make his wishes come true this yr!! I’ll be heartbroken!

  10. I just want to say I’m so glad I found your site. This is a surprise first trip for my children and Star Wars is my daughter’s absolute favorite thing. I was worried we were going to need to adjust my son’t birthday breakfast so we could make it to sign up but thankfully your site has all the answers. Thank you in advance as I plan to now use this site a lot for the rest of my planning. :)

  11. Can our young padawans wear their own costume? My son has his own that he wore for Halloween. It looks really good and got a lot of comments. Some of his young Jedi costume is modified used clothing but his obi and tabards are homemade. My son will learn of our trip on Christmas Eve which is also his 10th Birthday.

  12. Hi Kenny.
    Do you know if Jedi sign ups are available during the Extra Magic Hour ticketed event? Also, do you have a guess if this ticketed event will continued to be offered? (Only see availability through December). Thank you!

  13. Hi Kenny,
    Any child that signs up for Jedi training in time will be able to participate? Or do they pick a certain number from the children that are signed up?
    Thank you for all the great Disney info!

  14. (Part two) at our training this weekend, they handed out pins, not certificates. Have they stopped the certificates? When? Or did we miss it??
    Thanks Kenny! You rock!

  15. Kenny thanks for the post about this event in your subscription end. Worked great, kids loved battling Darth!! Thankyouthankyouhankyou

  16. Hi. My boys are 7, 10 and 12. Jedi Training is their #1 priority! In order to help us not miss out I booked H&V breakfast for 8am. They are not into playhouse Disney characters and the meal is expensive for not rave reviews. Is it worth keeping this booking or should we be ok if we just get to the park an hour before opening? Thank you!

  17. Is there a cost to do the Jedi Training? And if all three of my kids between 5-10 yrs old want to do this, do they all have to be with me at time of sign up. I’m a much faster sprinter than they are ;-)

  18. Hi. Jedi Training is the No.1 thing my son wants to do at Disney and your article is the most helpful I’ve read, thank you. We are at HS Wed 12 Oct and it’s out first day at the parks so we need to call at the Will Call window to swap vouchers for tickets, then get in line. I have our first FP booked for 9.30 – have I cut that too fine if we need to register? What time do you recommend we arrive to get it all sorted? Thanks

    • No, you’ll have plenty of time for that FP. It’s a very quick process to sign up, just need to arrive early to pick your time.

  19. If you have reservations at Hollywood and Vine before the park opens, are you still able to sign up for Jedi Training BEFORE going to Hollywood and Vine? Does it matter if there is Early Morning Magic that day?

    We are going to be there soon and I didn’t know if it has changed now that summer is over and there is lower September crowds.

  20. We are going next Saturday to HS. If the park opens at 9am, what time should we arrive to sign up for Jedi Training? Do we just get in the regular line outside before the park opens? I read somewhere to get in the very left side line. Just wanted to see how accurate his was…

  21. We are landing and getting to Hollywood Studios at 12:30pm, is that too late to sign up for Jedi Training? Should we just assume we won’t be able to do it at this point?

  22. Can you tell me how many shows are done per day? And also can we come in first thing on say a Tuesday and sign up for a show on Thursday? (I’m guessing not but…) We are planning a morning trip to AK and a lunch/afternoon @ HS for the same day during our vacation and it would make things so much easier than having to run back and forth early in the morning!

  23. I was wondering how it works for the parents. If your child is signed up, do you automatically get a spot up close to watch? Also I read somewhere that they were putting a kiosk outside the park, do you know anything about that?

    • No kiosk outside. Patents don’t have reserved spot. Many split with one taking child and other hold spot on rope

      • Thank you. We are staying on site, and going on an EMH (8am-9am) day, so breakfast reservations won’t necessarily get that group in much before the people who are staying on site. What time would recommend getting there for the 8am rope drop? It is projected to be a CC 7 day @ DHS the day we’re going. Thanks in advance.

  24. my 4 year old is dying to do this. my question is about my 7 year old. He has autism and would also enjoy the experience. Do you think they would let me help him or stand close by him to just help keep him focused or re-deirect him if needed?

  25. Hi,
    We’re going on November 14th. We have a breakfast reservation at Hollywood & Vine at 10:15. Do you think we’d be able to do sign ups and the Toy Story ride before breakfast? Any recommended strategy? We’re staying out of the park so I’m not counting on being able to get a fast pass for Toy Story.

  26. So if I have reservations at Vine for 8:10 will they allow me to sign up for the training before or during my breakfast for my son and daughter?

    • No. Everyone went there at open. Breakfast peeps had about 10 min head start. They were still signing up at 10:30am today

  27. We went for this. My daughter was 3. She was asked “how old are you?” She said, “I’m 4!” then she was asked if she could follow directions. She said “yes!” and they accepted her. It got rained out but they got a photo with Darth Vader instead which worked out great also.

  28. We are going to be at Hollywood studios on September 26, 2016. I have reservations at Hollywood and Vine at 8:10. (My youngest is super excited), and the park opens at 9. Do I need to get my oldest out of the restaurant by 9? Or can I get in the park at 8am, sign up immediately, and then go to breakfast at 8:10? I may still be able tp push back the hollywood and vine breakfast.

    • We had an 8:10 reservation this morning. We got to the park by 7:30 and they let us in at 7:50. We were able to go right to Jedi training sign ups and register before breakfast. They let in others for sign ups right after the dining reservation group.

    • We did this last year – went to the Disney Jr breakfast for the youngest and when the park opened at 9, my oldest and I ran out to sign ups, then came back to finish our breakfast. Probably not ideal, but it worked out and both kids were happy. We tried to walk around earlier and there were cast members blocking anything past H&V – and when that rope dropped, people were running to sign-ups!

    • When the park opens, go to the Indiana Jones store with that child and register for the training and pick a slot that works for you (including later in the day). Take the piece of paper then go to your reservation. They won’t mind if you’re like a few mins late.

  29. Hey Kenny! We are visiting Hollywood Studios on Sept 19th. We have breakfast at O’hana at 7:30 am. Should we take a cab to Hollywood Studios from there to get there as close to open as possible? Do you think we have a shot at Jedi training doing this, or are we cutting it too close?

  30. Hi Kenny,
    I am in a dilemma that almost makes me want to skip Hollywood all together. We are supposed to be going on Monday, April 4th 2016. I have been trying for weeks to get a FP for Toy Story to no avail. My kids would like to do Jedi Training and Toy Story. Without a FP, we will have to go straight to Toy Story first thing or miss out all together (my 5-year-old is not equipped to stand in line for 120 minutes, nor are we). But if we do Toy Story first, what are the chances of getting Jedi Training? And if we go straight to Jedi Training first thing and don’t get it, we will be out of luck for both attractions.
    Thanks so much for your help!
    Sarah (stressed out mom)

      • Thanks! So you think we will still get a jedi training spot? We might not get to signup before 10am…Thanks again!!

    • We successfully did both a few weeks ago without a fast pass and without magic hours. Get there at least 30-45 minutes early. Get in line all the way on the left (the first normal, non-breakfast line). IF they offer early entrance for Jedi sign-up you can do that. (That’s what happened to us.). Then we went to the rope drop location and waited another 10 minutes for rope drop and headed to Toy Story. We weren’t the first ones in for Jedi training sign-ups and we were offered the first morning class (that one hadn’t filled up yet, but there were other parents waiting in line after us to sign up). If they don’t offer early entrance for Jedi, go to Toy Story first and then head to Jedi. There should still be spots left.

  31. We are going to Disney the last week of May. The Jedi times do not go past April 2nd. Does that mean it will not be available after April 2nd or do they just not have them that far out?

  32. Ok we signed up today. Here is how it worked for us. Today was a Thursday in February when park had no magi hours and just opened normally at 9. We arrived at 7:30 and were the first guests at the park to wait. I told everyone working there that wanted to chat that we were there early to sign up for Jedi training. We stood in front of one of the regular entrance turn stiles as the first in line. No one said to wait anywhere else. At 8:20 I saw a Disney Cast member in the park carrying a tall sign with the Jedi Training name on it walk through the entrance all the way on the left and call for all Jedi trainees to come to that line (that already had maybe 50 people in it) to get in early to sing up. I raced over to him to make sure that is where we needed to be and explained were there very early but no one said to get in any particular line. He placed us in the middle of the line and we scanned our bands and entered the park at 8:25. He did say it was different every day and they weren’t going to let people in early today but then decided to do it. So wait in the line on the left that is not the dining reservations line just in case. We got in and were the last ones offered the first show at 9:40 but there were plenty of spots later in the day.

  33. Thank you for the tips. My son and husband are at the gate waiting now. Second in line. He said the process to sign up is exceedingly unfair. Hundreds of people in before rope drop because of restaurant reservations and many many VIP tours flowing in with kids before the rope drop. Even if he was first in line and first to race to the signup the odds are slim.

    Is Disney doing anything to make this process more fair? My husband said there were almost 1000 people in line even before the rope dropped. And he and my son got there 45 min early and were second in line.

    • CM said they only do that when they expect the park to be busy. If you see it while you are in line for ressie, take advantage.

    • Joyce, on 6/26, this worked. 8:05 reservation HandV. 7:45ish they let in the early dining folks, and by the time we got in (arrived 7:25ish, far from front of line, probably slightly after 8), they were taking reservations over in front of the Indiana Jones store for early dining folks (and VIPs). We got out first choice show, numbers 4 and; 5 or show. (And then DD7 said it was, oh, his 5th favorite thing. After Toy Story, Star Tours, getting a souvenir book in the gift shop, and the Star Wars video game in gift shop.) I’d not count on them opening so early on very low crowd days, but it seemed pretty systematized these days.

  34. Heard about someone recently (today?) being able to register kids for Jedi *before* a pre-RD breakfast, do you know if that is the norm now? Rare and unlikely to continue? Thoughts? Updates?

  35. Is there a way my kids can become Jedi after they came home from Disney. They just saw all of the star war movies and are big fans. They want to become Jedis after their friend became one. Is there still a way to have that happen?

  36. Hi Kenny,
    How does the Jedi training work for a child with special needs? Will they allow a parent to assist or do they need to do this strictly on their own?

  37. Kenny, So we have a reservation at 8:40 at HS. The park opens at 9:00. Can we get in early for our dining reservation and go to the sign ups and be a little late for breakfast? Should my husband and son go to get in line to sign up for Jedi training while my daughter and I get our dining reservations?

  38. Kenny, do you have any information about the re-opening date for Jedi Training? I have read a rumor that it be begin on Tuesday, December 8th … and, of course, our HS day is booked for the 7th :( Any details that you could share would be greatly appreciated!

  39. Hi Kenny, we are going to star wars weekend in 2016 and were wondering if the same applies. Do we need to get there 45 min before the park opens and sign up my two kids for Jedi Training. My son is a huge fan and I need to make sure I make his dreams come true. Thanks a ton for your website, it’s the best around!

    • SWW isn’t listed at this time.
      You need to arrive 45 minutes early every day to sign up, unless they change the procedure when the new version opens.

  40. We are staying onsite and get early access starting at 8am. When you say to get there 45 mins early for Jedi training sign ups, should we be there at 7am or 8am? Thanks very much!

  41. Just signed up for the full site – your info is great! My boys want to do Jedi training, Toy Story Mania, and the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster. We’re going to HS on Sept. 20 and staying offsite, so I haven’t selected my FP+ yet. I’m wondering which FP+ to select since both rides are Tier 1. I’m thinking of using the FP+ on the R ‘n’ R. Do you think the lines for Toy Story would already be really long if we sign up for Jedi training following your suggestions on this post, then run over to Toy Story? Or would it better to use the FP+ on Toy Story and run across the park to the R ‘n’ R?

    • We were there just last week. At 9am Toy Story had a 35 minute wait. By 9:30, it was 75 minutes. R&R was about 20 minutes that whole time. My son and husband went to sign up for Jedi at 8:40 and by the time they got to us at Pixar Place the Toy Story line was insane and we just waited for our 10:15 Fast Pass.

  42. We will be visiting hs on 9/13. Both of my kids are really looking forward to participating in the jedi training. I am a little concerned about whether or not we will be able to schedule a time that works around our FP & dining reservations. Because we are traveling during a supposed low crowd time, do you think we will be able to get into,one of the first couple of training sessions? I also,read somewhere that there’s are now cast members at the turnstiles signing people up before rope drop?? Do you know if that information is accurate?
    Thank you so much for your input….we are really thankful for all,of the info you provide!

    • You can choose your jedi time based on availability when you arrive for sign ups. Turnstile test doesn’t happen every day

  43. Hi. We’re planning to spend the morning at HS and late afternoon/evening at MK for MVMCP on December 6, 2015. It is an evening EMH at HS. I see that the recommendation is to avoid EMH days. Would you recommend avoiding an evening EMH day as well? Am wondering how crowded a Sunday in early December would be. We only have this day available to visit Disney and my little guy loves Buzz and Darth Vader so we’re trying to figure out the best way to catch these two, and still make the party if possible. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.

    • Darth Vader only does meet and greet during Star Wars Weekend. Buzz is out every day at MK and HS. Extra Magic Hours attract larger crowds.

  44. Hi Kenny! Your site is so helpful on planning our October trip. We are visiting HS on Sunday October 11 (crowd level 8) and again on Tuesday October 13 (crowd level 5)with lunch at Hollywood & Vine at 12:40 that day. Kids really want to do Jedi training academy and I am wanting to try to get them into that academy on Sunday and if that attempt fails try again that Tuesday. However, that screws up my fast pass planning when I am unsure which day we can hopefully get them in. Really want fast passes for Toy Story Mania and Frozen sing-a-long celebration. We are staying on Disney property. What is your advice?
    Please help! G L

  45. Greeting Kenny the pirate!
    My name is melaney, and I actually work at the Jedi training academy here at Hollywood studios!
    To anyone reading this feel free to stop by and say hi!
    We get complaints all the time of miss information about this but I just wanted to say thank you for actually helping people out!
    I was directed to this website by a guest actually!
    Just a few things i wanted to maybe help with.
    Each show has 15 or 30 kids depending on the time, day, and season.
    We a have a variety of 3 bad guys so fighting with Vader is NOT guaranteed!!!
    But I always try to help them out lol
    And also the meet and greet if it rains is not guaranteed either, on occasion we have done different things that are still pretty cool.
    And the current times of shows are on the app or any times guides

    Thanks again!!!
    Melaney at jta :)

  46. HI Kenny, Love your page! ?, I have ADR (Galactic Breakfast on a Thurs.) at 8AM (Park opens at 9). I plan on leaving the table one way or another by 8:40 to get in line for Jedi Training. I am nervous that I will not know where to line up if an obvious line is not already formed. Could you give me any more details about where to line up? Is there a sign?

  47. Hi, Kenny! Your tips are always spot on, so thanks! You helped us get to see Rapunzel @ Epcot a couple of years ago during a pop up meet and it made my daughter’s trip. Would it be possible for you to repost on if JTA sign ups are by Indiana Jones on 5/29 (SWW)? Thanks in advance!

  48. My two children and I have ADR at H&V at 8am on a 9am opening day. My husband doesn’t meet up with us until the afternoon, but both he and kids are excited to try Jedi Training. Any suggestions (other than eat quickly) on how to work sign ups since there is only one adult that morning?

  49. So you can’t do the Jedi training if you’re not staying in the park? I’m totally confused about this. And are the only one’s offered the EMH people who are staying onsite?

    • You have to be in the park to do Jedi Training. Jedi Training is offered every day. You have to arrive before park opening and go straight there. If you are attending on an EMH day and you have EMH privileges, you’re great. Otherwise, go on a regular day.

  50. Is 4 years old a definite rule? My son will be 3 but turning 4 in a couple months when we go. But he knows more about Star Wars than most adults. If asked he will tell them he’s 3 but he’s not shy to talk about Star Wars. He will be devastated if he doesn’t get to do it. Any advice?

    • Haven’t heard a peep. Probably just someone hasn’t included the schedule on WDW site. Happens a lot. Characters are even worse on their info.

  51. Sorry if my question was confusing- I’ll try again- My husband and son will be allowed to enter the park during EMH because of their ADR. Will they be prevented from signing up for Jedi Traning during EMH because they are not staying onsite? My husband thinks that because he will be allowed in the park, he will be allowed to sign up for Jedi Traning (that is, once in the park, they do not check to make sure you are staying onsite), but I thought he would have to wait until 9am to sign up for Jedi Training.

  52. We are staying offsite. We have an ADR at 8:20 at Hollywood and Vine on an EMH Day. If my husband takes my son to sign up for the Jedi training before our reservation, will they get turned away? Do they check during EMH to make sure you are staying onsite?

  53. We were so excited to do this with my son. Now my disney experience is saying it is not available the week we are there Oct12-17 is this true?

  54. We are heading to WDW on 8/29- 9/2~ Staying on site & really trying to make Jedi Training happen this time~ I noticed on the website when I try to access times for JTA on Sunday 8/31 & Monday 9/1 they say no times available~ I was thinking they did this everyday? Sat. 8/30 is EMH starting at 8am~ what time do u suggest getting there? 7am? It looks like Saturday is our only day to attempt this… and did I read we should line up to the far left? thank you for suggestions :)

  55. So with the new Frozen RD tango, does the strategy still sway on being able to be one of the first to sign your kid up? I’ve seen people complaining of getting there an hour early only to be overwhelmed once everyone remigrates in the park before RD.

  56. My little guy is so excited about this.. in a two week vacation with 8 days of parks, it’s the ONLY thing he wants to do. I have H&V breakfast reservations made for 8:10 am, the park opens for EMH at 8 that morning. Think they’d the rest of our party go to breakfast while i take the little jedi master to sign up and then pop back to join them for breakfast? I really have to try to make this happen!

    I’m making so many notes as i read your blog.. brilliant!

  57. Hi there, Can you tell me how much the Jedi training cost and if The Jedi Training runs all year long? We are going next month. Thank you!

  58. We have breakfast reservations at Hollywood & Vine at 8, what time should we head over to sign up for Jedi training to get a great choice of times? I keep reading rope drop is normally 30 mins earlier which would mean the rush would come in at 8:30. Do they let people having breakfast wander over before the rope drops? If me and my two boys leave breakfast for 20-30 mins and my parents stay and eat will they let us finish eating after? Thanks so much, you are THE most informed!!

  59. We just left after having the show canceled due to rain. No special meet and greet was offered, and no certificate, all they did was offer to let the kids borrow a lightsaber if the parents wanted to take a picture. So instead of a happy padawan, we got to leave with a crying child. Very frustrating.

  60. We plan on doing this when we go next spring for our trip. Would we still be able to sign up if we have an early breakfast at Hollywood and Vine? I’m wondering if we should cut out breakfast so we can be sure to sign him up.

  61. Awesome! Thanks, Kenny. Love your site, BTW. :) I am planning several meet and greets for my daughter and this has been EXTREMELY helpful.

  62. My son has been talking about doing this for a year now. We should be able to sign him up (it will be late August) as long as we make it there at rope drop. My question is – since this is an hour long commitment, what happens if the only available times are during one of your preselected FP+ times (like the ones obtained carefully, 60 days in advance, with little chance of obtaining another one during a reasonable time that day)? Will they give you a paper FP or some sort of option to make up your FP at another time? I would love for him to do this, but not at the risk of losing our Toy Story Mania fast pass, for example.

  63. Well, my girls want to do this, so the plan is to hit up the park early and wait for rope drop (Friday, 7/11). The EMH hours are at Epcot that day, so that should divert -some- of the crowd. It’s summer so we’re going to have to move pretty quickly. The show looks cheesy to me, but then I’m not a kid lol. I showed them the video and they want to do it even more.

  64. We are planning a trip for December. My 10 year old stepson and 8 year old nephew really want to do this. They had some questions that I can’t find answers for. They want to know if they can keep the robes (I said probably not. lol) and if they get to keep the lightsabers (again, probably not. ;-) lol)

  65. Well, I should have just looked up Jedi Training on your site instead of Disney World’s. No where in my Disney Experience app did it tell me I had to sign up my three boys first thing in the morning.
    :( I failed them last week on this one. We were even parked in the first row of parking that morning. I’m sure we could have easily signed up. I wish I read this post prior.
    Disney World didn’t live up to their reputation for our family. Fast pass info from castmember a was inconsistent. Checkin was quick at AOA but uninformative. We still had fun. Best funnel cake I’ve ever had.

    • There’s a lot of information that Disney doesn’t attempt to communicate to its guests these days. A simple blurb on the Jedi Training to arrive early for sign ups would at least help, or they could just link to my blog post LOL

  66. We’re going the 3rd weekend, our first time attending SWW. We made reservations for galactic breakfast at 8am. Is it possible to get into the park early to sign up for Jedi training an make our reservation?

  67. Hi,
    We are going to HS the week before Easter and there are EMH. I am curious if offsite guests even have a chance of getting into the Jedi Academy if all the onsite guests have the extra hour to sign up. Do they save some spots for offsite guests?

    • I wouldn’t go to a park that offers EMH, if I didn’t have that privilege. Waits will be really high by the time you enter the park and you’re already behind the 8 ball. Spots are never saved. First come, first served.

  68. Kenny,
    I’ve been studying your blog lately with extreme dedication. There is so much wonderful information here, and I am slowly starting to absorb some of your wisdom. Your sense of humor is an added plus.

    Here’s my question for you: I’m planning a six-day trip for a family of 4 in October 2014. I have a six year old Princess who loves Doc McStuffins and Frozen and a 10 year old boy who probably wouldn’t be caught dead posing with Tinkerbell or Ariel and is focused on coasters and Star Wars stuff. Everyone likes fireworks and parades, and Mom and Dad like leisurely sit down meals. Everyone wants to go to the Halloween party. I’m working on a two-track plan that allows our family to break into boy-girl groups at various times but still feel like we’re experiencing the parks TOGETHER…since that is the point of a family vacation, right?
    I am in way over my head, would you be willing to—for a fee of course—review my plan and give me your thoughts on whether it will work? I was going to also ask you if I could pay your admission and an hourly wage to be our family’s Disney Sherpa but then I thought that sounded a little stalker-ish, so I’ll stick with the request for e-consulting for now. ;)
    Thanks in advance,
    Katie in Wisconsin

  69. I remember when I was the age to want to do Jedi Training Academy, they only did it during Star Wars Weekends and they just picked kids from the audience. So parents would push and shove for their little kid to be in the show. The best part about the show being limited time was that everyone got a Star Wars action figure after the show!!!

  70. Kenny- How early do you suggest we need to be at the park before opening during Star Wars Weekends? Is an hour before the park opens early enough?

    Also, any tips on getting to fight Asajj or Darth Maul instead of Darth Vader? My son has fought Darth Vader and is hoping to get someone different during our SWW trip!

    Thanks for all your great information!!

  71. Great summary! 2 quick things from our experience this year, they request you return 30 minutes prior to your show time and your child has to not only be present to register but answer a questions such as how old try are and if they are afraid of bad guys. They won’t sign the kids up if they too scared.

      • I only remember because we were turned away our first try because of our crying child – but she pulled it together to sign up later and LOVED the experience. I think she thought they were using real light sabers. Sorry for my horrible typing and missing words. Guess I didn’t proof it before I posted.

    • Here’s the problem we had ~ NO ONE mentioned anything special to the kids when things were cancelled today due to rain. Just “Sorry, no training, give back the robes. Goodbye.” If there was a special meet and greet for the kids someone should have told them about it. It’s very annoying when something like this happens, and the cast should have done SOMETHING for the kids who lost out on their training op just because of the weather.

      • When our daughter’s session got cancelled, she got a photo with Darth Vader at Star Tours instead. It seemed one of the sign-up staff were running that extra effort. It’s still funny seeing the monsoon-like rain pouring down on our lil padiwan while she stood there waiting for the training to begin. They only let her in the photo with Vader, no adults. It was a high quality vader too, buttons lit up and all.

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