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Special meets at Hollywood Studios on Streets of America January 26, 2014

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Snow White with Queen at Character Palooza 2014

Character Palooza can be like shooting at a moving target at times.  Cast Members are instructed to act as if it doesn’t occur until they characters actually appear and the schedules aren’t published publicly except on my site and others who borrow it.  I’m able to get basic schedules from an uncredited friend because the friend wants guests to be able to access these characters.  Sometimes the schedules that I’m provided can be adjusted slightly based on conditions and desires of the Character Palooza team.  I try my best to keep the schedules updated, but recommendation is to arrive a little before the times I list and wait around.  Characters will NOT appear during inclement weather.

Here’s a link to the Character Palooza schedule and location information.

Here’s who we visited yesterday:  Belle, Mulan, Snow White & Snow Queen Grimhilde, Green Army Men, Penguin, Mary Poppins, Stitch, Genie, Chip n Dale.   Belle didn’t return for the second set and the third set was cancelled after only a minute or two on stage due to rain in the area.

(Click on a pic for a larger image.  Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, it was user error on my part)


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