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What features would you like in the new Character Locator app?


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My brother and I will begin building the all new Character Locator app next week.  After completing the Android version, we will also begin building a new paid Apple version.  We hope to make all the information available with just a touch of a finger without so many back outs and drop down menus like the current version.  We will include a fun new Trivia game where you can compete for the Hall of Fame against other users.  I’d like to add the ability to time your wait and I found a rare character to the app.  The free version will continue to be ad supported and we will offer an ad-free version for an upgrade cost.

What other features would you like to see in the all-new app?


  1. Would like to be able to use it without a connection like the current app. I use a tablet and have to use wifi and it is terrible in the parks. Thanks

  2. Hi Kenny and Bootstrap! How about a pop up when someone reports that the secret training door(s) in Epcot open. Also, rainy day character greeting areas. Schedule for chracterpalooza. Will the “interaction” hints and Laugh Floor questions be included?(that would be fun. Thanks.

  3. Would like ability to choose specific meet times (ie Jasmine World Showscase 2:15), and an alarm feature that beeps 15 min prior to remind me to get in “line” before line forms

  4. I have an iPhone and have never used your app. However if you make one available for iPhones, it would be neat to see the tips for getting a better interaction right along with the location, m&g times etc.

  5. Once the park or event is selected, would like to choose between the character names or the land they can be found in. Once a land has been selected, would like to see a schedule of which characters are in that land throughout the day.

    • Agree with above comment. It would be nice to click on a certain land and see what characters are available along with the times in that area.

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