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True Love Week meet and greet information


True Love Week meet information:

There are NO autographs, just cards like Long-lost Friends Week.  Each character meet features a heart shaped wreath.

Rapunzel and Flynn, Aurora and Phillip, Cinderella and “Prince Charming” inside Town Square Theater all day.

Mickey and Minnie inside Town Square Theater in regular clothes (Minnie in Polka dot dress and Mickey in Tux with red pants) all day.

Snow White and Prince are meeting in her regular location next to City Hall on her regular schedule.

Mary Poppins and Bert are meeting in Fantasyland next to the carousel on her regular schedule.

Tiana and Naveen are meeting in her regular location in the Glade on her regular schedule.

Aladdin and Jasmine  are meeting in their regular location in Adventureland

Cinderella’s Royal Carriage is located near the new Fantasyland wall for photo ops.  There are a variety of photo ops set up around the area as well.

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  1. Weird that they are not signing – I’ve had signatures from all of those princes (minus Snow White’s) before. Is his name really just “Prince”? Poor guy.

    • It’s because they want to keep the lines moving like they did for Long-lost Friends week.

      Prince “Charming” is never actually called that in the movie either. Technically he would just be Cinderella’s Prince I suppose.

  2. Thanks for the info.Definately not the week to take vacation for that weak lineup.with all the great couples valentines they could bring out,and what do they do bring out the same old characters that are at every halloween party and out on a regular day at the park..Why not belle and beast as a human or quasimodo and esmeralda,flik atta ect..oh well hope they have another lost friends week this year and give us a heads up this time earlier to book a vacation.

  3. I had heard both Snow/Prince and Mary/Bert would be out in the evenings as well for this week. Would be good to hear if there are any confirmations of that.

  4. So all the same schedules? Someone told me Bert was only doing Mary’s morning sets. And I’m assuming Ariel is still flying solo? Someone said she was going into Town Square Theater later tonight.

  5. So upset that I’ll be missing Bert :( Going the 23rd, and with WDW track record thus far, there won’t be much to look forward to the following week.

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