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Epcot Storyteller Touring Plan 2015


Update 11/16/2015

The purpose of this plan is to hear every storyteller in Epcot with little back-tracking.  It involves a pretty casual walking pace.  It’s sort of an “ultimate” Storytellers tour and I even allow time to take in some attractions, time for lunch and dinner.  You should even have time to meet Santa Claus in the American pavilion!  You could easily take in the the headliners in Future World and the boat ride in Mexico and some of the films.  If you intend to watch the Candlelight Processional without a dining package, try the last show of the day.

2015 Epcot Storyteller’s Plan is available for everyone on Character Locator!


  1. Kenny, is the Mariachi Cobre title here the same show as the new Fiesta Navidad? Thanks so much for this plan…you should create custom plans for a fee. Every time I find myself stumped as how to make a plan work I think “kenny would know!”

  2. Kenny, France is pretty cool. I’m not sure you could wrong with any of them! We watch them every year over and over. I am so sad we aren’t going to be there this year, it is the first time in forever we won’t be leaving Monday and heading south…and with the snow here now it makes me even sadder! I guess I will pull out or DVD’s.

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