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Star Wars Weekends Map and Characters

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NOTE:  All the regular Hollywood Studios DO continue to meet during Star Wars Weekends.  The Disney classic characters that usually meet near Center Stage, wear costumes for Star Wars Weekends for special meets, except Pluto.

If you aren’t familiar with the Star Wars Characters, you might want to check out my Star Wars Weekends Characters for Dummies information.  The wait times next to the meet area are based on historical observation during the busiest times of the day.  Lining up early for meets reduces waits.

All schedules are included in my Character Locator app.  The schedules are built on the first day of the event and updated as needed.   It’s the only source for full Star Wars Weekends character schedules.

Highest Priority: 

  • Chewbacca (rope drop)
  • Darth Vader (rope drop or late evening)
  • Darth Maul (first meet)
  • Boba and Jango Fett (rotate – late afternoon)

Medium Priority:

  • Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, R2-D2, C-3PO (rotate – early or late afternoon for shade)
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy (rotate late afternoon only),

Low Priority:

  • Anakin Skywalker, Shaak Ti, Mace Windu and Kit Fisto
  • Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Commander Cody and Asajj Ventress
  • Queen Amidala,
  • Roamers – Cantina Band, Clone Troopers,  Stormtroopers, Jawas, Roaming Bounty Hunters

(All entertainment and schedules are subject to change without notice)

New information coming soon.  Enjoy the new map!

Star Wars Weekends Character Location Map

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sww_ahsoka_tano.jpg Ahsoka Tano
Location: Blister Pack Meet
sww_anakin_skywalker.jpg Anakin Skywalker
Location: Jedi Council Meet – Next to Toy Story Mania
sww_asajj_ventress.jpg Asajj Ventress
Location: Blister Pack Meet
sww_aurra_sing.jpg Aurra Sing
Location: Backlot Area
sww_boba_fett.jpg Boba Fett
Location: Backlot Area
dhs_buzz_woody.jpg Buzz and Woody
Location: Pixar Place
sww_cantina_doikk_nats.jpg Cantina Band – Doikk Na’ts
Location: Star Tours Area
sww_cantina_figrin_dan.jpg Cantina Band – Figrin D’an
Location: Star Tours Area
sww_cantina_ickabel_gont.jpg Cantina Band – Ickabel G’ont
Location: Star Tours Area
sww_cantina_nalan_cheel.jpg Cantina Band – Nalan Cheel
Location: Star Tours Area
sww_cantina_tedn_dahai.jpg Cantina Band – Tedn Dahai
Location: Star Tours Area
sww_captain_rex.jpg Captain Rex
Location: Blister Pack Meet
sww_chewbacca.jpg Chewbacca
Location: Star Tours Speeder Bike
dhs_chip_dale.jpg Chip and Dale
Location: Near Center Stage
sww_chipwoks.jpg Chip n Dale EWOKS
Location: Near Walt Disney One Man’s Dream
dhs_citizen_betty_shambles.jpg Citizens of Hollywood – 1940’s
Location: Hollywood & Sunset
dhs_citizens_hpw.jpg Citizens of Hollywood – Hollywood Public Works
Location: Hollywood & Sunset
dhs_modern_film_crew.jpg Citizens of Hollywood – Modern Film Crew
Location: Hollywood & Sunset
sww_clone_trooper.jpg Clone Troopers
Location: Blister Pack Meet
sww_commander_cody.jpg Commander Cody
Location: Blister Pack Meet
ep_mickey.jpg Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party
Location: Center Stage
dhs_daisy.jpg Daisy
Location: Near Center Stage
sww_darth_maul.jpg Darth Maul
Location: Backlot Area
sww_darth_vader.jpg Darth Vader
Location: Entrance to old Backlot Tour
dhs_jake.jpg Disney Junior Dance Party
Location: Animation Courtyard – Disney Jr Show Stage (Late Extra Magic Hours)
dining_doc_mcstuffins.jpg Doc McStuffins
Location: In front of Disney Jr
dhs_donald.jpg Donald
Location: Near Center Stage (Not on Star Wars Weekends)
sww_donald.jpg Donald – Stormtrooper
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (before 4pm)
sww_ewok.jpg Ewok (Logray)
Location: Star Tours Speeder Bike
sww_wicket.jpg Ewok (Wicket)
Location: Star Tours Speeder Bike
sww_gamorrean_guard.jpg Gamorrean Guard
Location: Backlot Area
dhs_goofy.jpg Goofy
Location: Near Center Stage
sww_goofy.jpg Goofy – Darth Goofy
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (before 4pm)
dhs_greenarmyman.jpg Green Army Man
Location: Pixar Place – Roaming
dhs_hiro_baymax.jpg Hiro and Baymax
Location: Animation Courtyard – Magic of Disney Animation
dhs_indiana_jones.jpg Indiana Jones – Meet and Greet
Location: Echo Lake – Indiana Jones Stunt Show
dhs_jake.jpg Jake
Location: Animation Courtyard
sww_jango_fett.jpg Jango Fett
Location: Backlot Area
sww_jawa.jpg Jawas
Location: Streets of America – Line for Darth’s Mall
sww_kit_fisto.jpg Kit Fisto
Location: Jedi Council Meet – Next to Toy Story Mania
dhs_lightning_mater_new.jpg Lightning and Mater
Location: Backlot – Beside Mama Melrose Restaurant
sww_luke_skywalker.jpg Luke Skywalker
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (After 4pm)
sww_mace_windu.jpg Mace Windu
Location: Jedi Council Meet – Next to Toy Story Mania
sww_mickey.jpg Mickey – Jedi
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (before 4pm)
dhs_mickey.jpg Mickey Mouse
Location: Animation Courtyard – Magic of Animation
dhs_monsters_inc.jpg Mike & Sulley
Location: Backlot
sww_minnie.jpg Minnie – Leia
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (before 4pm)
ep_minnie.jpg Minnie Mouse
Location: Animation Courtyard – Magic of Disney Animation
dhs_phineas_ferb.jpg Phineas and Ferb
Location: Backlot – Beside Mama Melrose Restaurant
all_pluto.jpg Pluto
Location: Near Center Stage
sww_princess_leia.jpg Princess Leia
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (After 4pm)
sww_queen_amidala.jpg Queen Amidala
Location: ABC Sound Stage area
sww_r2d2.jpg R2-D2
Location: Next to Great Movie Ride beside ABC Commissary (After 4pm)
sww_shaak_ti.jpg Shaak Ti
Location: Jedi Council Meet – Next to Toy Story Mania
dhs_sofia.jpg Sofia the First
Location: Animation Courtyard
all_stitch.jpg Stitch
Location: Near Center Stage
sww_stormtrooper.jpg Stormtroopers
Location: Backlot Area
sww_tusken_raider.jpg Tusken Raiders
Location: Backlot Area
sww_zam_wessell.jpg Zam Wessel
Location: Backlot Area



  1. Hi, can DAS be used for Merida’s meet and greet?

    We won’t be available at rope drop to see her, yet she is a must see for my daughter. Is there any other time that’s better than others in the day or are we stuck with a long line no matter what?

    We’re doing MNSSHP as well but I don’t want to miss party time unless the line is going to be 30+ mins during the normal park day. Advice?

    Thank you for the site and all your wonderful info!

  2. In the note section…what does DO mean in the sentence about regular DO still happening during Star Wars weekends?

  3. How do you get the character locator? I clicked the link but the website doesn’t load right. I tried searching for an app on my phone with that name, but couldn’t find it either. :(

  4. Please delete this question. I am going to make some generic SWW cards, so I don’t need to know every specific detail regarding all the SWW characters. :)
    Thank you

  5. Kenny,
    At the top of this page you list “Roaming Bounty Hunters” in the low priority section. I assume they are different then Boba and Jango Fett. Do you know who they are, what they looked like or what era they are?
    Thank you again for your continuous help!

    • Yes, that would be Aurra Sing, Gamorrean Guard and such. That’s why the Fett’s are listed separately. They offer a fixed location meet and rotate.

  6. We were sitting 3 rows behind you at the conversation with Mark Hamill today. I just wanted to say thanks for the character locations and tips – they definitely helped for making a successful day. (Overall, I was surprised how low crowds were for SWW with MH.)

  7. I noticed that one Ewok’s location is listed as Speeder Bike (like Chewie) and the other is listed as Star Tours Area (like Cantina Band). Is there one in both spots or is the only way to meet them in Chewie’s afternoon line?

  8. Just realized the character list this year and once again they havnt changed anything!very sad the SAME characters every Star Wars year and its insane how they cant bring out some new charaters like the emperor,greedo,the royal guards.I wish disney can read this post because there are people out there that know wht they are doing and refuses to bring there family to the same event every year!

  9. It looks like C-3PO appears 3 times for just 15 minutes each. Am I reading this correctly? I’ve been to WDW several times, but never been big on the Meet and Greets. However, I am a big Star Wars fan and am hoping to get a pic with 3PO and R2. Fortunately, I got the SW breakfast and dinner packages as well as the Feel the Force package for weekend 5, so I will get to see several SW characters. Thanks in advance!

  10. Abseloutely no cast members at the hat or in Animation knew where Daisy, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch were relocated. Yes, a character attendant and the My Disney Experience informed me that Lilo was added to the Hat character group. One character attendant at Wreck-It Ralph’s meet said that their friends were being used for Star Wars Weekends and were not appearing for SWW. Mr. Penguin was no where to be found either.

  11. Are the meet times listed here for this year, or will those not be available until the first weekend begins (similar to last year)?

      • Thanks. Not sure if that means you will be hunting for set times on the first Friday of SWW or not, but I’ll be there and I’d be happy to help out and give back to this site since it’s helped me countless times.

      • Rob. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse you. I usually spend the whole first friday running around trying to figure out set times. I’d love to have help if you’re willing. Send me an email!

  12. When do you think you will have the 2014 SWW character map available? Will it not be until after the first weekend? Thanks.

  13. The map lists “Penguins” inside Animation. Is Mr. Penguin moving inside there for Star Wars Weekends? I think you meant Stitch unless he is becoming a new SWW character.

  14. Hi Kenny, your historical SWW information really helped us a lot when I took my 7 yr old son over weekend #1!
    This might be a no brainer, but every time I asked when a character would come back out, the CM took out a little folded up cheat card, and referred to it. I asked if I could have one, and was turned down, but if you could befriend someone willing to pass it along to you, you would be golden in a heartbeat, just sayin’!
    Wish I had your parade advice Day 1, it was tough to see the procession or the stage from where we ended up, across the way from AI, in a huge crowd.
    But on Day 2, we walked up to an open corner at the bottom of Hollywood Blvd, only 10 min ahead, across the street from where they come out of the gate. It was a perfect vantage point to see every single participant come out of the gate and make a turn onto Hollywood Blvd! Then we simply followed the procession up the street, and saw the stage from the middle of the street. Yes, we stood in the blazing sun, but only for about 20 minutes (10:50-11:10), not too bad, and then we … moved along.
    Great site!!

      • Yes, but it WAS historical 2012 info on May 15th when I left for Disney, lol!
        I mentioned the cheat card because I remember you asking for help reporting character times, by asking for tweets of the times provided by the CMs at each meet. Maybe I was mistaken, but I figured the card gives ALL the info in one fell swoop. Thanks for the quick reply!

      • Oh, yes. It sure was then. They totally changed the schedules. I updated them on the 17th and 18th. Some CMs have only their meet on the card and a few captains or managers may have the full schedule. It’s funny because some of the CMs have the cards hand written. The only schedule I wasn’t able to fully complete was the Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Goofy afternoon sets. I had to observe those rotations and I got busy with other things each afternoon :) I don’t think the CM allows anyone to take a photo of the card.

  15. Hi kenny long time no talk.I been so busy down here in ny working from storm sandy.I havnt seen u since last year the week of the marathons and that crazy jack and sally line we waited on downtown disney.my wife is prob signing up for the tower of terror marathon and i was wondering do u thk any new rare characters will be out.Also my son and i love greedo and are u saying he might go this year to sw weekend..cuz its been the same party everyyear for the last 3 and they need new characters?

    • Hey Mike! Greedo is out in the late afternoon each day at SWW. They also added Chip n Dale as Ewoks and brought back R2MK and Mace Windu. Not sure which characters will appear for ToT race, only heard they want to “improve it.”

  16. If my kids (8, 6) wanted to get their picture with every single character involved in SWW (not celebrities though, thank goodness), is it possible to do that in 2 full days, if we don’t go on any rides? They are huge Star Wars fans.

  17. Thank you for all your hard work, Kenny! You rock! Do these schedules apply for all of the SWW or only this weekend? We will be there for the last one on June 7.

  18. Thanks so much for all of the hard work you do.

    Are these the full schedules, or just what you were able to learn on Day 1?

  19. I assume with you there this weekend that you will clue us in to the schedule the Star Wars characters are keeping to. You’re site is so helpful. Leave in less than 3 weeks. My DD’s #1 on list for pictures are Jedi Mickey and the gang; Chewbacca and Ewok; Luke, Leia, C3P0, and R2D2, and then Darth Vader. Hoping to get them all seen in the one day. If you have advice on which order is best to try to see them and/or time of day, I would appreciate the advice!

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