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Will the Time Restriction on Park Hopping End Soon?

When park hopping resumed, a new restriction meant guests could not switch parks until 2 p.m. Will that change soon? Read on...

Check Out the Unexpected Glitch for Rise of the Resistance

All Disney and Star Wars fans are well aware of the struggle to obtain a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. ...

Breaking News: Rise of the Resistance has NEW Virtual Queue Updates!

Heads up to all of you hoping to join the Resistance! The distribution times for the virtual queue are changing! See the...

BREAKING NEWS: New Process for Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Disney is piloting a new process for obtaining a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. Do you think this will help...

Rise of the Resistance will Receive an Update that Makes it...

A new feature will be added to Rise of the Resistance, making it possible to load more people on the attraction! Hooray...