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Disney World Confirms Details of Hall of Presidents Refurbishment

Disney World has confirmed some of the details surrounding the Hall of Presidents refurbishment. Will the Muppets take over as rumored or...

Magic Kingdom Attraction Closed for a Presidential Update

As America swears in a new President today, Disney World is updating its attraction featuring our past and present Presidents. Learn some...

Check Out this Newly Refurbished Entrance for a Classic Attraction

The Walt Disney Company continues to refurbish attractions and one Opening Day attraction just had its big reveal. Check out the...

Two Magic Kingdom Attraction Refurbishments have been Extended

The PeopleMover refurbishment has been extended several times recently. But, did you know there are two other Magic Kingdom attractions closed for...

Magic Kingdom Attraction Refurbishment Extended

One of Magic Kingdom's most nostalgic and popular attractions will be closed longer than we anticipated. New details below.