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The Disney ride closures that may affect your vacation plans

Several attractions are closing soon that may affect your vacation plans. Refurbishments No one really likes to hear that their favorite attraction or resort will be...

Disney Attraction Closure Has Now Been Extended

Disney attractions are closed for refurbishment from time to time. This attraction's opening date has since been removed from the website. Adventureland Retheme Earlier this year, Disney...

A Planned Disney Refurbishment is Now Canceled!

Refurbishments can be a dreaded word for Disney Guests. However, one planned refurbishment is actually cancelled! 2023 Refurbishments In Disneyland, January will be a busy month…for...

More Disney attraction refurbishments are coming in 2023

Disney is using the colder winter months to refurbish several attractions. See how this will affect a huge milestone for the company. 2023 refurbishments In Disneyland,...

NEW: Multiple Disney attractions will close for refurbishment in 2023

Multiple Disney attractions will be closed for refurbishment as we head into 2023. Refurbishments Refurbishment is a dreaded word for Disney fans who will soon be visiting...