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I’ve Been Back. Why I’m Now Postponing a Disney Trip

Visiting Disney World this summer was a lot of fun! This fall? Well, read on to see why one KTP writer will...

Orlando Selected to Host Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

With so much uncertainly in the air, the world has set its sights on an efficient vaccine in the hopes of returning...

Op Ed: Why is Disney Criticized for Opening While Competitors are...

A frequent question on social media right now is, "How come Disney is getting so much flack for reopening, and Universal or...

Disney World Shares “Health Acknowledgement” Guests Must Adhere to

As we inch closer to the phased reopening of the Disney World Resort in Florida, more information on the experience and precautions...

NEWS: Disney Releases Plans and Considerations for the Reopening of Disney...

The Chief Medical Officer of Disney is sharing some plans and considerations for the reopening of Disney! Read on for more!