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NEWS: Disney Releases Plans and Considerations for the Reopening of Disney Parks, Resorts, and Stores

NEWS: Disney Releases Plans and Considerations for the Reopening of Disney Parks, Resorts, and Stores

The Chief Medical Officer of Disney is sharing some plans and considerations for the reopening of Disney! Read on for more!

We just shared news that Shanghai Disney is reopening next week! While we are on the topic of good news, we have more information about what the parks will be like once they reopen.

The Chief Medical Officer of Disney Parks, Dr. Pam Hymel, has shared a note with readers and fans on Disney Parks Blog.

A Message about Disney Parks from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel

The note, in full, reads:

Dear Guests, 

As you may have heard at Disney’s Q2 FY20 Earnings Results Webcast, our CEO Bob Chapek announced that Shanghai Disney Resort will begin the phased reopening of Shanghai Disneyland on May 11 – an encouraging sign for Disney parks and retail locations all over the world. After so much time at home, I know many of you are eager to enjoy the magic of a Disney parks visit, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

I’m fortunate to work with Disney’s extraordinarily talented team of health and safety experts who are some of the most experienced in the industry. Together, with our colleagues in operations, and local health and government authorities, we’re evaluating several new and enhanced safety measures to do our part towards helping us stay well while we work, stay, and play at a Disney resort and a Disney store. I’m also working closely with the US Travel Association on a set of guidelines the travel industry may tailor to their individual businesses to help demonstrate that safety of travelers is a top focus.

To that end, I want to share an update with you about our plans and considerations as we prepare for the reopening of our parks, resorts and stores. At Disney, we’re exploring:

  • Phased reopening: We’re looking at all of our locations and how best to begin the reopening process, including a gradual reopening and/or partial reopening of certain locations. For example, the opening of retail and dining locations prior to the opening of our theme parks.
  • Physical distancing and capacity measures: As you can imagine, managing guest density in queues, restaurants, hotels, ride vehicles and other facilities throughout the park and across the resort is a major focus, as we implement physical distancing guidelines based on guidance from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies. This will likely include implementation of guest capacity measures to comply with state and federal guidelines. We’re also exploring ways to use technology to aid us in these efforts, like with our Play Disney Parks App and through virtual queues at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
  • Cleanliness and sanitization: We’re planning increased cleaning and disinfection, determining where that should take place (for example, in high-traffic areas), and the cleaning products and processes we’ll use.  
  • Screening and prevention support: We’ll follow guidance from the government and the medical community regarding enhanced screening procedures and prevention measures, including those related to personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face coverings. Some measures, like adding hand sanitizers and hand washing stations across our resorts, have already been implemented.
  • Cast training: We’re further emphasizing our strong culture of health and safety amongst our cast members, and will continue to provide new training and reinforcement as we get closer to reopening.

These are just a few examples of the many areas we are developing plans for, so please keep an eye on our online channels, where we’ll provide more details as we confirm and begin to implement our plans. Given the constantly changing global health environment, these practices may evolve as we consider the latest guidance, but we will share more information with you as we look towards reopening.

In the meantime, our focus remains on the health and safety of the entire Disney community – including the wellbeing of the Cast Members who are caring for and securing our parks and resorts during the closure. We have already implemented a number of enhanced health and safety measures, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in work areas, adjusting practices to promote physical distancing, and providing Cast with access to necessary PPE, including face coverings. We continue to learn from these experiences and will carry these lessons into reopening and beyond.

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Finally, I want to recognize the medical professionals working to bring care and comfort in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We will continue to do what we can to help support the medical community and our local communities during this time.

We’re looking forward to welcoming all of you back to our Disney parks, resorts and stores. Until we are together once again, we wish you and your families health, hope, and happiness.


Pamela Hymel, MD

What do you think of this note? Are you happy that we are finally hearing from Disney regarding the reopening of the parks, resorts, and stores? Let us know on Facebook!

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Mary Pat

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

We have been to Disney many times as our family has grown and have a trip planned later this year. However, if every ride is gong to go to the Virtual que like Rise of the resistance, then it makes it literally impossible for a family with special needs or really young children to get to ride. There is no way to get to each park at 6:am, make them wait until the park opens and then try to get ride reservations all on your phone when entering the park. No planning ahead can be done. That is what makes fast pass reservations made before you get to Disney so nice. It is more fair to all guests and actually it should allow Disney to keep a better track of how many guests are at each ride. I love Disney and love to plan our days ahead of time to accommodate the needs of our families. I am waiting for further news and hope that Fast Passes still are used.

Kat Collins

Tuesday 5th of May 2020

Love it when the first thing the doctor mentions is Disney's Quarterly Earnings (/sarcasm). Seriously, though, I'm glad to see the emphasis on protecting staff/CMs as well as guests. I don't know how many people will be willing to gamble with their lives. A lot will depend on when and how they actually manage the reopening. Looking forward to more details.

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