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New 3-Course Menu to debut at Disney’s California Grill

As one celebration menu comes to an end, a brand new menu will be coming to Disney's California Grill soon! California Grill California Grill is located...

Disney’s Contemporary Resort now evacuating Guests

Some type of emergency situation at the Contemporary Resort resulted in a Guest evacuation. Disney's Contemporary Resort Disney’s Contemporary Resort opened on October 1, 1971 making...

Refurbishment scheduled for Walt Disney World resort

A refurbishment has been scheduled for a popular Walt Disney World resort. See if this might affect your future stay. Contemporary Resort Contemporary Resort has been...

New Developments In Refurbishment At A Deluxe Disney Resort

Disney has been quiet about this refurbishment all along, but we have new updates on the progress of a refurbishment at a deluxe Disney...

Refurbishment Work is Affecting a Disney World Deluxe Resort

Guests with stays booked at this deluxe hotel are having their accommodations adjusted due to a refurbishment. Get the details on where and...