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New Casting Call Announced for Disney World

New Casting Call Announced for Disney World

Disney guests enjoy great attractions, delicious food, and of course great entertainment at Walt Disney World. A new casting call is out for a new show.

New Show Details

Surprising Scene at Hollywood Studios
Credit: Donna

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been missing one of its popular shows, Voyage of the Little Mermaid since 2020. Disney reimagined this show and it will now be “The Little Mermaid-A Musical Adventure” 

This new show will include great nods to the past with the use of blacklight puppets along with state-of-the-art technology. Disney shares that there will also be a live version of Ursula on stage and an animated version created using motion-capture technology. You can read the story in full HERE.

As Disney guests anxiously await the opening of this new show, Disney released a casting call for this new show.

Casting Call

Credit: Disney

Disney is now searching for the two main leads for this show including Ariel and Eric. A recent casting call for auditions in New York lists the following descriptions:

Ariel is to be 18-30 years old. “White woman, transgender woman 5’2″-5’6”. A spirited, fun-loving, yet curious mermaid princess who longs to be a part of the human world.”

Casting for Eric includes “18-30 years old. White man, transgender man. 5’10”-6″. Charismatic and fearless, Prince Eric is a true romantic who never gives up on his heart’s desire.”

Opening Timeline

Credit: Disney

Disney has teased many announcements of this new show, but at this time, the only opening timeline is Fall 2024. This is still a bit broad for many hoping to see this new show.

The casting call for lead roles is a positive sign that this show may open early fall. Keep checking back for more information regarding opening dates for “The Little Mermaid-A Musical Adventure”.

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