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Five Things to Consider Before You Stay Offsite at Disney World

Five Things to Consider Before You Stay Offsite at Disney World

There is no doubt you can save some money if you stay off of Disney property. However, there are some things you must consider. Here are five things you and your family will want to think about before booking your hotel outside of the Disney bubble.

Staying Off Property

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It is common knowledge that staying on Disney property can be expensive. Now, the perks of staying inside the Disney Bubble is becoming less and less. I know my favorite perks are gone, like Magical Express and the Airline Check-in for when returning home.

The draw to stay off property and save money is becoming greater with the lack of perks that Disney is now offering for on-site Guests. Luckily, there are so many hotels to choose from just outside Disney’s gates!

Many hotels are just a short ride to any of the parks! You could even be closer to one park than some of the Disney resorts!


Disney Vacation Club Members See Another BIG Price Increase
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If you have ever looked at staying on property then you may have had some sticker shock. You will pay a premium for location, room size, and amenities. Determing the accomodations that your family want, need and can afford is a big decision.

You can get a larger room for a smaller price tag when staying off Disney property!

You will find that you can get a much larger room for a smaller price when you stay off Disney property. I was pleasantly surprised when my (Heather) family stayed at the Homewood Suites in Flamingo Crossing. We had so much more space than we would have if we stayed even in a deluxe hotel room.

Amount of Park Days

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How much time are you looking to spend in the park? Are you a rope drop to park close family? These are things you will want to consider as it will help determine where you should stay.

Depending on how much time you will spend in your room or using the amenities will determine if it is worth spending extra money on a room. If your hotel room is just a place to sleep then you may not need to spend the extra money on deluxe accomodations.

Also, will you be taking a midday break? If you are planning a midday break and you do not have a car then staying on Disney property would be easiest. Spending extra money on rideshares can be pricey, and waiting for an off-site shuttle that makes multiple spots could take a long time.

Are you visiting other Florida theme parks? You won’t need to pay the premium Disney price tag if you stay off Disney property and are visiting Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld, or Florida beaches.


Photo Credit: Monica

If you are not staying on Disney property then you will have to figure out tranpsortation to the parks. You can have a rental car (one of my favorite options), rideshares, taxis, and sometimes the hotels may have a shuttle (complimentary or for a small fee).

The off-property hotels may also have a daily parking fee or even a resort fee, so be sure to factor this into your hotel budget. Unfortunately, if you are staying off-property and not an Annual Passholder you will also have a parking fee at the parks.

Be sure to check with your off-property hotel on their shuttle service. Some shuttles require a fee and a reservation.

Hotel Accommodations

Check Out the Pixie Dust the Entrance to Disney World will Receive!
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Hotel accommodations can really draw you to a particular hotel. Off-site hotels work to entice guests with some of these.

Many off-site locations will offer a free breakfast buffet! This can really cut down costs on your family’s food expenses. You may even find Mickey waffles at these hotels, and we all know food taste better when it’s shaped like Mickey! Breakfast in the park can be pricey, and having a hearty, warm breakfast before a long park day is fantastic!

These off-site hotels can have beautiful pools that include water slides, lazy rivers, hot tubs, arcade rooms, propane grills, and sports courts. Be sure to see what each hotel offers and what is important to your family.

The Bubble

The Battle Between Disney and DeSantis is Officially Over
Credit: Maggie

There is one thing that the off-property hotels cannot compete with and that is the Disney Bubble. There is nothing like staying on Disney property.

I know when I stay at Disney I enjoy the vibe each hotel gives. It is a unique and fun experience that, unfortunately, no off-property hotel can compete with.

Is this something that is a must for your family? Are you needing that “Disney Bubble” feeling? No money saved is going to offset this feeling if you are having FOMO (fear of missing out) your entire trip.

Off Property Hotels

Review of HomeWood Suites at Flamingo Crossing in Disney World
Photo Credit: Heather

Some of us Kenny the Pirate writers have stayed off Disney property so that we can give you honest feedback. I do love the Disney Bubble feeling, but sometimes those dollars can add up and be used for other experiences.

Be sure to check out some of our off-property hotel reviews:

Final Thoughts

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Credit: Susan

There is a lot to consider when determining where your family will stay on vacation. It is important to think about what is important to you and your family.

Does your family want more space for less money? Are you looking to save more money in one place so you can spend it in another? Is it more important to stay in the “Disney Bubble?” Is this a once in a lifetime trip?

These are all must-answer questions when determining where your family will stay. Wondering if you could love staying off-property? Then this is a must-read post: Can someone who loves staying on property love staying off property too?

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