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The Space 220 Changes We Have Been Waiting For

The Space 220 Changes We Have Been Waiting For

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Have you been debating if Space 220 at EPCOT is worth it? These are the changes that we were hoping for. Check out these changes and see if you will be planning a trip out of this world soon.

Space 220

Here is why you want to book the lounge at Space 220
Credit: Maggie

Since its opening, Space 220 has been one of the hottest Advanced Dining Reservations. Part of the appeal is that it is an immersive dining experience that takes visitors to the Centauri Space Station 220 miles above EPCOT! 

The restaurant itself is a theme park attraction featuring a fun virtual elevator ride where Guests watch the Earth shrink away as they ascend into space. Once you “arrive”, you are treated to heavy space theming. Many guests consider it a must-try.

Guests have three options that offer varying menus and price points: bar, lounge, and restaurant. Prices at both the bar and lounge are a la carte and offer limited dining options. The Space 220 Restaurant offers a prix-fixe 2-course meal at lunch and a 3-course meal at dinner.

New Menu Items

Credit: Susan

For the youngest space cadets (ages 9 and under) offer a lunch menu for $29 including a Star Course (entree), Supernova Sweet (dessert), and Celestial Beverage. Dinner is a bit more pricier at $35 but also includes a Lift-off (appetizer).

New Lift-offs items include Mozzarella Moons (fried mozzarella and marinara), Grow Zone Crudites (seasonal vegetables and ranch), Fruit Cup, Baby Greens (assorted greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and honey mustard), and Satelite Caesar (chopped romaine, parmesan, and croutons).

A new menu item is also added to the entree options with the Steak and Space Fries. This is a grilled filet medallion served with fries. Additional Supernova Sweets are now available with the Saturn Sandbox which features strawberries, Nilla wafers, and whipped cream.

New Trading Cards

Space 220 trading cards
Credit: Space 220

We are happy to see these new menu items added for children at Space 220, and we are equally ecstatic that there are now more cards to collect. The new collections of Uranus and Neptune series are now available.

If you are an avid Space 220 trading card collector, you realize that this now completes the entire planetary series. Guests receive Space 220 trading cards with the purchase of a Kid’s Meal or a non-alcoholic beverage option.

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