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Make Your Disney Happy Meal Toys into The Cutest Ornaments

Make Your Disney Happy Meal Toys into The Cutest Ornaments
Credit: Katie

Have you been collecting Disney100 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys? If so, you may be looking for fun and creative ways to display them. Here is an idea for turning them into adorable ornaments to decorate your home this season.

Disney McDonald’s Toys

Disney100 McDonalds toys
Credit: Katie

This week, the Disney100 Happy Meal Toy run came to an end at McDonalds. There were 64 Disney characters to collect, and you can read about them all HERE. They have since given way to Crash Bandicoot, and rumor has it that Squishmallow toys are up next!

Now that you have amassed a little collection of Disney characters, what do you plan to do with them all? We have a fun idea for you!

DIY Disney100 Ornaments

Credit: Katie

As it turns out, the McDonald’s Disney100 Happy Meal toys fit perfectly in clear plastic ornament balls, making for a fun and easy craft project for you and your friends and family to enjoy! Dreamers of all ages can put together these delightful decorations!

All you have to do is gather up the right materials and put them together however your dreams and imagination desire! Here is a quick rundown of what you will need.


Credit: Katie

You really do not need much at all to assemble these decorations. Go ahead and start by making sure your Disney100 Happy Meal Toys are on hand.

The most important element is the clear, plastic, fillable ornament ball. Your little Disney100 characters will fit perfectly inside of the 3.15′ balls (80mm). A larger size will work too if you want to put lots of other items in the ball.

Just make sure that you use the type of ornaments that can be separated into two parts. The type with the removable top will not work for this project.

The brand of ornament does not matter as long as you can open them to fill them.

Credit: Katie

You can find a variety of brands of ornaments like these at most craft stores. Or, you can order them online from big box stores. These particular ornaments came from Amazon in a box of 20.

You do have the option of using glue dots to hold your characters in place. If you want to be able to remove them after your tree comes down, you can skip this step.

Fill Them Up!

Credit: Katie

Finally, you will want to choose your filler! If you are a bit of a minimalist, you may want to place your character in the ball alone and add a little ribbon to the top.

But, if you like things a little more festive, you can have some fun looking for little details that enhance your character. You might want to add some footing like faux snow. You can purchase it or make it out of a cotton ball.

We also found some little glittery spheres that worked nicely. Items like mini gift boxes, tiny bottlebrush trees, and other miniatures can give you a unique look, too.

Credit: Katie

Alternatively, you can add twinkle lights! The 3 ft or 7 ft strands should work well for you. Once you are finished, hang them on your tree, on a wreath, or anywhere else you wish to add a little a little touch of magic. Enjoy!

Want more ideas for DIY Disney decor? Check out more fun HERE and HERE.

Are you going to try out this fun little project? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to pass this idea to your friends and family who may want to join in the fun!

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