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“Wish” Flops at the Box Office During its Opening Weekend

Credit: Maggie

Wish is Disney’s latest animated movie, and it just hit theaters last week. Despite the praise it received, it still flopped at the box office.


Credit: Donna

At the center of Wish is Asha who, desperate to save her home, turns to the stars themselves. When she makes a wish, a cosmic force named “Star” comes to help her. The duo faces off against the king of her country.

Of course one of the most fun key characters is Valentino, Asha’s adorable sidekick. After wishing upon “Star”, Valentino is granted the wish to speak. We are also introduced to Asha’s group of friends who help her.

Be sure to look for all the Easter Eggs!

Glowing Reviews

Credit: Maggie

KtP Writer Donna was able to see the movie during the early screening before it officially premiered. Here is what she had to say in her review:

From singing animals to plot twists and turns, this film is absolute perfection. Some films are great to enjoy at home on Disney+, but this film is breathtaking animation. To see this on the big screen is stunning!

Then, I (Monica) saw the film over the weekend. While I did not love it as much as Donna, I still thought it was a fantastic movie! Overall reviews for the film were also very positive. This movie is the conclusion we needed for the first 100 years of the company and the introduction for the next 100!


Credit: Fandango/Disney

Unfortunately, the film did not bring in as much money as expected. Wish earned $31.7 million which came up short of the $45-$50 million that was projected over the first 5 days.

Not only that, but it also came in “third” over the long holiday weekend. It trails behind The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and Napoleon.

Credit: Donna

My (Monica) family loves to watch Disney movies in the theaters during Thanksgiving. It is one of our traditions as Disney usually releases a movie in theaters around that time.

Wish just did not perform the same as films like Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen II. In general, 2023 films just have not performed as well as what the company has seen in the past.

Do you think this under-performance is because the films just aren’t good? Or, do you think it could be something else like people waiting until a movie streams on Disney+? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Or it could be that everyone was spending time with family, and adults were going to the other movies, and Wish may perform as well as Elemental in the coming weeks.

  2. I suspect a lot of families with traditional values are boycotting everything Disney right now, including new movies. Until they feel Disney has stopped trying to push non-traditional agendas on their kids, those families just aren’t going to give Disney their money; not for movies, not for Disney Plus, not for merchandise, and not for the parks.

  3. Disney just needs some fresh ideas and to keep the “woke” and leftist talking points out of their movies. People want to go to Disney movies for the fun and to expand the imagination, but that currently is not the mindset of those in charge.

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