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Minnie Vans are expensive but worth the price!

Minnie Vans are expensive but worth the price!

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If you were anything like me, you balked at the price of Minnie Vans when they first debuted. I finally used them a handful of times, and I see why they are worth the price! Here’s why.

Minnie Vans

Credit: Monica

Have you ever seen red polka dot SUVs driving around Disney World? Those are Minnie Vans! Cute name, huh?

Minnie Vans are Disney owned and operated ride share vehicles. They essentially run like an Uber or Lyft, but there are some key differences. Minnie Vans debuted in 2017 as an option for Guests to get around property in a more stylish and comfortable manner.

Credit: Monica

Service halted in 2020 and did not resume until 2022. I (Monica) did not use one until just recently (summer 2023) because of one reason: the price. There is no doubt they are more expensive than other ride share services. Prices range from $35 to $65 plus tip whereas a standard SUV ride share trip would cost half that.

And, of course, Disney provides other free transportation options. However, now that I have used them, I can now see why they are more expensive. It’s not just because they are Disney-themed SUVs. They provide a lot of extra features and peace of mind!

How to book a Minnie Van

Screenshot: Lyft app

Disney partners with Lyft to provide Minnie Van services. In the future, I would like Disney to utilize My Disney Experience for booking. Here’s how to book one:

  • Download an open the Lyft app on your phone
  • Type in your destination
  • Select the drop off as “Minnie Van”
  • Confirm pickup
  • Select the Minnie Van under recommended, or scroll down to the Disney options and choose (more on accessible Minnie Vans in a bit)
Screenshot: Lyft app

In addition to rides around Disney World property, Minnie Van resumed to and from the Orlando International Airport in late 2022. However, it’s only for Guests staying in Club Level rooms.

Guests staying in Club Level rooms at a Disney World hotel can add on service for $199 one-way. Prior to the park closure in 2020, that price was $150. Price increases are nothing new around here and is to be expected.

If you would like to add this service you can book it up to 60 days in advance by calling or emailing Signature Services. At this time, there is no word on airport service for non-Club Level Guests.

Reason #1: They go places other options can’t

Credit: Monica

The biggest and best reason to use Minnie Vans is that they go places other options cannot go. Namely, they can drop off and pick up with the Magic Kingdom buses instead of Transportation and Ticket Center like other ride share services. Minnie Vans also have a dedicated bus stop number at the theme parks which are closer to the entrances than the ride share drop off/pick up.

Even compared to Disney buses, Minnie Vans are happy to pick you up or drop you off close to your room. My family used the service a few times during our week at Fort Wilderness. They met us at our cabin which eliminated the need to drive our golf cart to the bus stop. It felt incredible having that concierge-level service!

At any of the larger resorts that use an internal bus system, using a Minnie Van will cut out a lot of extra time and walking. I would absolutely use a Minnie Van if I’m at a large resort that relies on the bus system to go to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

Reason #2: The Cast Members are so helpful

Credit: Monica

I have used Minnie Vans a total of 5 times so far, and each time I have had such a pleasant experience with the Cast Member driving. Each time, they got out of the vehicle to greet us and help everyone get in. When we reached our destination, they were quick to get out and open the doors for us.

Not only were they courteous, but they were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond. We had an experience I’d like to share that highlights this perfectly. My husband forgot the key to his travel ECV at our cabin at Fort Wilderness and did not realize it until we had already gotten to Animal Kingdom and were unloading the ECV.

Credit: Monica

The Cast Member quickly made a call to a supervisor and was happy to take my husband back to our cabin to get the key and drop him back off at Animal Kingdom. What was even better is we were not charged for another two trips, but we did make sure to leave a very generous tip.

This is the Disney level of going above and beyond that is just unmatched anywhere else. I do not know if an Uber or Lyft driver would do that!

Reason #3: The ride is comfortable and safe

Credit: Monica

The vehicles Disney uses for Minnie Vans are Suburbans. Not only are the vehicles large (perfect for my big family!), but they are also incredibly spacious and comfortable. My kids loved riding in them and were disappointed when we took Disney transportation or regular ride share.

Televisions played Mickey shorts during the ride, and we were free to adjust the air conditioning as needed. In addition, there is a lot of trunk space. My husband uses a travel ECV that comes apart, and the Minnie Van was big enough to hold all 6 of us plus the ECV in the trunk.

And, no worries if you do not have a travel ECV! Disney provides accessible Minnie Vans! It includes seating for 5 people, one car seat, and space for up to two mobility devices. Guests may remain in the device during the ride! Read how to get an Accessible Minnie Van in this post.

Credit: KtP

I also really appreciate the level of safety! Each Minnie Van has a 5-point car seat as well as a booster seat for kids to use. Disney transportation and other ride share options definitely do not have this option. And, of course, as a mom I appreciated the seat belts to keep my family safe!

As mentioned before, Disney Cast Members operate Minnie Vans. I appreciate this extra layer of safety vs getting into a car with a random person.

Now that you know more about Minnie Vans, would you ever use one? Do you think they are worth the price? Let us know in the comments below. And, be sure to share this post with a friend who may want to use them as well.

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Saturday 7th of October 2023

No, i wouldnt use them because of a bad experience. In February i took a Minnie Van from Boardwalk to MK because i was recovering from a sprained ankle and traveling solo. I had an iphone 13 and external charger, but was never able to recharge my phone because it was “too hot”. Even at 9:30-10 pm it was “too hot” and my ankle was killing me. I got much bad advice from CMs and Lyft drivers about how to order a Minnie Van back and ended up with the driver going to Boardwalk to pick me up and charging me $10 when i wasn't there. By the time i was able to order another to pick me up, hordes of families were showing up for their vans and blocking the view of me sitting on the pavement at the front of the loading area. I could tell someone was trying to pick me up, and he me to walk over to where he was. When i tried to tell him i wasn't able to walk, my phone died and he left, incurring another $10 charge. I sat on the ground during the chaos trying to get the attention of a driver to contact headquarters, but none of these efforts resulted in help for me. Finally, the park was closed, all the buses and Minnie Vans were gone, and i was stranded. A senior citizen in pain with a dead phone that wouldn’t charge. I started yelling to get attention. A couple of cast members came over but basically told me i was screwed. I kept yelling and a police officer came over. Finally the supervisor for that area of the bus stops came over and grudgingly agreed to drive me to Boardwalk in a Disney transport car. I reached Boardwalk after midnight, and the graveyard shift staff was wonderful. That’s why you want to stay in a deluxe resort. In the morning they took the $20 in no-show fees off my hotel bill. I didn't have trouble walking or standing in any other park, but I'm not planning to return to MK because they are not friendly to temporarily disbled guests!

Jiminy S.Cricket

Saturday 7th of October 2023

Minnie Vans are awesome! We (almost) always use them after a long day at the park to go back to the Resort. While sometimes you may have to wait a bit for them to show up. You avoid the crowded bus rides and they take you closer to your room rather than to a busy bus stop where you have a longer walk.

Sometimes we take them to the Parks, Disney Springs or other Resorts especially, if we have dining reservations and want to make sure we get there on time. They take you right to the front of the Parks or resorts and avoid the hassles of the buses and crowds.

We do not hate buses, boats or the Monorail and still use them when practical, But after a long day or when the crowds are heavy Minnie Vans are the best option for us.

People say they are expensive. But we say you get what you pay for. Safe reliable and preferential service by Disney Cast members is worth it to us.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

While the Minnie vans have an advantage going to a park, for resort to resort I wouldn't pay the exhorbatant fee. A trip from Boardwalk to POFQ only cost me $6+ as opposed to $28.

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