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Disney World Continues to Improve Mobile Order Features

Disney World Continues to Improve Mobile Order Features

This is the update that many of us have been waiting for!

Mobile Ordering

Credit: Monica

Mobile ordering is simple from the My Disney Experience App. Simply open the app and press the (+) icon on the bottom of the home screen. You can select to “Order Food” and a huge list of dining locations is available at your fingertips.

Once you choose your dining location, you can look through the entire menu and make your selections. Next, choose your arrival window and place your order. Once you are ready to enjoy your meal, confirm “I’m here” and they will begin to prepare your order.

The trend towards mobile ordering continues to grow among Disney guests. Thankfully, Disney continues to offer updates to mobile ordering to make it even more user-friendly. Just recently we shared a new update to the arrival time windows. Be sure to check this out HERE.

New Feature

My Disney Experience screenshot

When you reach your arrival window for your mobile order, click “I’m Here.” Guests must be within a certain distance of the dining location before checking in for their order.

Previously, guests received the above image indicating that “We’re Preparing Your Order” with bars indicating how soon the order may be available. The time to prepare your order varies greatly depending on the food that you ordered and the dining location that you selected.

In some instances, this may be a brief wait while at other locations, this may take a bit longer. We are looking at you Woody’s Lunch Box.

Credit: screenshot MDE

Now Disney is making this wait time even easier to calculate and we love it! Recently, we noticed that once you click “I’m Here”, you are now given an estimated time that your food will be ready.

Today we noticed this in Disneyland, but also noticed it at Walt Disney World as well. To us, this is just another great improvement for mobile ordering. Now when your children are getting a bit “hangry”, you can reassure them that their food will be ready in 3-11 minutes rather than simply “soon.”

Mobile ordering now gives an estimated time when your food will be available for pickup.

What do you think of this new change? Do you use mobile ordering at the Disney Parks? What other changes do you hope they will make for mobile ordering? Share your thoughts with us and share this news with your Disney pals.

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