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Breaking Opening Date Announced To Meet Figment at Disney World

Breaking Opening Date Announced To Meet Figment at Disney World

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One Little Spark

Credit: Maggie

Figment is a small purple dragon that is a figment of everyone’s imagination. On March 5, 1983, the brand new attraction, “Journey Into the Imagination” opened at FutureWorld in Epcot. It introduced and featured both Figment and the Dreamfinder. 

Figment has also appeared in a series of Epcot educational media short videos for schools and in two Marvel Comics’ Disney Kingdom’s brand comic book series. These series have recently become popular once again. You can learn more about Figment HERE.

Meet Figment

Credit: Maggie

Previously guests could meet Figment, our favorite little spark. However, he has not greeted guests for many years. Then, last year, we announced HERE that Figment would be once again greeting guests.

And although Figment hasn’t had a meet for a long time, his cult-like following hasn’t slowed down. Just take a look at how popular the Figment popcorn buckets have been during EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts.

Credit: KtP

Last month, EPCOT said “See ya real soon” to Vanelope as her meet and greet location is under refurbishment. This space will likely (but not Disney confirmed) be the reimagined meet and greet location for Figment.

Disney recently filed a permit for the “installation of scenic items” at 1990 Avenue of the Stars which is at EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion. You can read about that HERE.

Disney now announced the opening date to meet Figment.

screenshot: D23

After the promise that Firgment would be here for Summer 2023, we now have a date for the Figment Meet & Greet. Guests can now meet Figment starting tomorrow, September 10 at the Imagination Pavilion.

Figment will begin meeting on September 10!

Here is our first look at this new meet and greet:

Do you love Figment or do you not get the big hype for him? Will you make plans to meet him during your next trip to EPCOT? Share your thoughts with us and share this news with your Disney pals.

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Saturday 9th of September 2023

For me - Figment the size of an adult human - is awful. If Disney imagineers looked back on the original Figment, they would see he was a cute little character that was held by Dreamfinder. So not only did the new Disney Corp - shorten and change the ride completely, they eliminated the introduction movie "Making Memories" prior to the ride, eliminated Dreamfinder, NOW they have created a HUGE Figment. Disney haven't you destroyed enough of this character and the ride?

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