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Limited Time Ghoulishly Delightful Haunted Mansion Treat at Disney World

Limited Time Ghoulishly Delightful Haunted Mansion Treat at Disney World
Credit: Donna

If you can only enjoy one treat at Walt Disney World, this is it! Check out our full review and details for the Haunted Mansion beignets at Walt Disney World.

Beignet All Day

Credit: Donna

Have you had an opportunity to try the fan-favorite Mickey-shaped beignets from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter? They are absolutely incredible! Guests at Walt Disney World don’t hesitate to make the special trip over to the French Quarter for these fluffy, fried favorites! 

Beignets are a fan-favorite snack at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The classic beignets are delicious, but guests can also enjoy great seasonal flavors as well such as peppermint for Christmas and a fun St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Ghoulish Delight Beignets

Credit: Donna

Scat Cats Club Cafe at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is one happening place to visit. Their menu offers many great pastry choices with beignets being their most popular offering.

On weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), guests can also enjoy great jazz music during the evenings. Typically for fall, the seasonal beignet flavor is Pumpkin Spice. This year, they made a change that we absolutely LOVE.

Credit: Donna

The Ghoulish Delight Beignets take the delicious classic beignet in a dark and delightful twist. These beignets are dusted with cookies and cream powdered sugar. To top off this brilliant combination is a “ghoulish marshmallow creme” and chocolate drizzle.

At first, we were afraid that these may be a bit too rich, but this was absolute perfection. The beignets were light and fluffy as always and the cookies and cream powdered sugar offered the perfect amount of sweetness. These are hands down the best beignets that I (Donna) have ever tasted.

Credit: Donna

The only negative is that they are only offered for a limited time this fall. Select resorts in the Disney Springs Resort Area can enjoy a complimentary water taxi to Disney Springs that also includes a stop at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter.

This includes the following Disney Resorts:  Disney’s Old Key West, Disney’s Saratoga Springs, and Disney’s Port Orleans- Riverside. It is well worth the drive or the price of a ride share to enjoy these delicious treats found only at Scat Cats Cafe.

Ghoulish Delight Beignets are offered for a limited time this fall at Scat Cats Club Cafe.

Have you tried the beignets at Scat Cats Club Cafe? Do you hope to try these Ghoulish Delight Beignets? Do you wish they would also offer these at the Disney Parks? Share your thoughts with us and share this review with your Disney pals.

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