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Sad News for People Who Love Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Sad News for People Who Love Discounted Disney Gift Cards

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We have some sad news for some people who love using discounted Disney gift cards. One of the best options is vanishing.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Credit: Katie P

When it comes to saving money at Disney, those in the know will tell you that one little way to save a few dollars is to pay for things with discounted Disney gift cards. You can save between 4 and 5% every day with Disney gift cards. However, sometimes (like today) the discounts are significantly deeper!

This may not sound like a lot, but when you consider you could be spending thousands of dollars on lodging, food, tickets, and merchandise, it begins to add up. Since you can pay for almost anything at Walt Disney World with Disney gift cards, you can stretch those savings.

For example, if your entire budget for a Disney hotel, Disney dining, Disney tickets, and Disney merch is $5000, and you are able to pay for everything using gift cards you purchased at a 5% discount, you have automatically saved $250 on your trip, which is definitely not nothing.

One Gift Card Possibility Dries Up

Credit: BJ’s

One of the BEST deals that happens reliably is the Black Friday Disney Gift Card deals at BJ’s. While this deal is not guaranteed to happen, when it does happen, it is one of the deepest discounts on Disney Gift Cards we see available online annually.

And, usually, even people who do NOT have a BJ’s Club near them can get in on the deal without paying for a full membership. This was possible because of the Online Access Membership. For $10, anyone could join BJ’s and receive member access to all deals available on the website!

Credit: Jordyn

The option to join for just $10 seemed to vanish randomly not long ago. Even so, members were still able to use their access without issue.

However, NOW Online Access Members are beginning to receive an ominous email. It states: “On 6/23/23, we will begin discontinuing our Online Access Membership Program. As a Courtesy and to thank you for being a member, we are upgrading you to The Club Card Membership at no charge from 6/7/2023 through your next BJ’s Easy Renewal billing date.”

When most people joined the Online Access Membership Program, autorenewal was required. This means members need to cancel BEFORE their renewal date if they do not wish to pay the full price for the membership.

Credit: shopdisney

BJ’s is discontinuing the Online Access Membership program.

It is probably very disappointing for many of my fellow discounted Disney gift card fans that the Online Access Membership is being discontinued. However, the news is not ALL bad.

What you can do instead

Credit: shopDisney

Right now, some members who cancel are receiving offers to join The Club Card Membership for $20, a significant discount over the typical $55 fee. Also, Service Members, Medical Professionals, as well as Teachers, Staff, and Educators can join for $25 and currently receive a $10 reward for joining.

However, while membership will give you everyday access to discounted gift cards, that savings is typically around 4%, which is not the best option out there. With a 4% savings, you would have to buy $500 worth of gift cards BEFORE you started to see any real gains once you factor in the cost of the discounted membership.

You could get your everyday discounts through a different discount program such as the Target Redcard, which is free. It offers 5% off Disney eGift cards and is the highest everyday savings currently available. However, this is not a great option for those who are uncomfortable with opening a line of credit.

Credit: Katie P

Moreover, while BJ’s does reliably offer DEEP discounts around the holidays, there is no guarantee it will happen. Last November members could save as much as 9.4%, which was huge, so we are all hoping it happens this year too!

Even better, I can confirm that last November FREE one-day passes also worked for those who wanted to access the savings online. This may or may NOT be available next time deep discounts are available, but we can hold out hope.

Are you disappointed that BJ’s Online Access Membership Program is being discontinued? Let us know in the comments. Feel free to pass the information along if you wish.

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Sunday 28th of May 2023

You don't have to open a line of credit to use a redcard.


Sunday 28th of May 2023

I suppose you could use it as a debit card. But some people don't like any financial services tied to the discount program.

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